2012-13 Doctoral Dissertation Fellows

Nikhil Admal
Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics
Interaction Between Atomistic and Continuum Models
Advisor: Ellad Tadmor

Kumar Varoon Agrawal
Chemical Engineering
Dispersible Exfoliated Zeolite Nanosheets and Their Application as High Performance Zeolite Membrane
Co-advisors: Michael Tsapatsis and Lorraine Francis

Sunyoung Ahn
De-Anthropomorphizing the World: Posthuman Visions in Contemporary Novels
Advisor: Timothy Brennan

Tyler Ahrenstorff
Integrated Biosciences - Duluth
Diel Vertical Migrations and Trophic Interactions in Offshore Aquatic Communities
Advisor: Thomas Hrabik

Matthew Allerson
Veterinary Medicine
Transmission and Control of Influenza Virus in Swine Populations
Advisor: Montserrat Torremorell

Aaron Armstrong
The Modern Human Diet: Taphonomic Evidence for Middle Stone Age Dietary Diversity
Advisor: Martha Tappen

John Backes
Electrical Engineering
Algorithms and Data Structures for Logic Synthesis Using Boolean Satisfiability
Advisor: Marc Riede

Peng Bai
Materials Science & Engineering
Understanding Sorption in Zeolite Systems for Renewable Fuels and Feedstock
Co-advisors: Ilja Siepmann and Michael Tsapatsis

Abir Bazaz
Asian Literatures, Cultures & Media
'Die Before you Die': Negative Theology, Death and Politics in the Poetry of Nund Rishi (1378-1440)
Advisor: Ajay Skaria

Danielle Berg
True Chemical Abundances of Galaxies in the Nearby Universe
Advisor: Evan Skillman

Minerba Betancourt
Neutrino Interactions in a New Type of Detector
Advisor: Kenneth Helle

Justin Biel
Divide and Tolerate: Imperial Secularisms in India, Ireland, and Britain, 1774-1840
Advisor: Anna Clark

Konstantinos Biliouris
Chemical Engineering
Modeling and Simulation of Natural and Synthetic Biological Systems
Co-advisors: Yiannis Kaznessis and Prodromos Daoutidis

Tiana Bochsler
Perceiving Visual Properties of Indoor Layouts with Impaired Vision
Advisor: Gordon Legge

Matthew Bost
Communication Studies
Crafting a "New Language": Karl Marx and Political Style
Advisor: Ronald Greene

Emily Bruns
Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
Genetic and Ecological Constraints on the Evolution of Pathogen Virulence
Advisor: Georgiana May

Breanne Byiers
Educational Psychology
Teaching Functional Communication in Rett Syndrome
Advisor: Frank Symons

I-Chun (Catherine) Chang
Chinese Models of Ecological Urbanization: The Shanghai Dongtan and Tianjin Binghai Eco-cities Projects
Co-advisors: Helga Leitner and Eric Sheppard

Yu-Ju Chien
Constructing Scientific Knowledge and Policies on Avian Influenza: How Do International Organizations Craft Global Models?
Advisor: Joachim Savelsberg

Michelle Christian
Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology & Genetics
TAL Effector Nucleases: Development, Engineering, and Application of a New Tool for Genome Engineering
Advisor: Daniel Voytas

Jennifer Corcoran
Natural Resources Science & Management
Integrating Data from Several Remotely Sensed Platforms to Map Wetlands and Developing New Methodologies for Novel Dissemination of Results
Advisor: Joe Knight

Sherryse Corrow
Child Psychology
Identifying Developmental Prosopagnosia in Childhood
Advisor: Albert Yonas

Raamesh Deshpande
Computer Science
Applying Yeast Chemical Genomics to Large Scale Drug Discovery
Advisor: Chad Myers

Mark Ditmer
Conservation Biology
American Black Bears: Strategies for Living in a Fragmented, Agricultural Landscape
Co-advisors: David Garshelis and Tom Burk

Sabine Doebel
Child Psychology
The Role of Conceptual Knowledge in the Development of Executive Function
Co-advisors: Philip Zelazo and Melissa Koenig

Aniruddha Dutta
Feminist Studies
Globalizing Through the Vernacular: The Making of Indian Sexual Minorities within 'Global Queering'
Co-advisors: Richa Nagar and Jigna Desai

Mohammed Ebtehaj
Civil Engineering
On Estimation of Hydrometerological Signals via Sparse Regularization
Advisor: Efi Foufoula

Steven Eichten
Plant Biological Sciences
Identification and Stability Assessment of Non-Conditioned Epigenetic Variation in Maize
Advisor: Nathan Springer

Mohamed Sarwat ElSayed
Computer Science
Towards Online and Scalable Recommender Systems in the Era of Big and Fast Data
Advisor: Mohamed Mokbel

Mike Evans
Computer Science
Enabling Eco-Routing in Transporation via Spatial Big Data
Advisor: Shashi Shekhar

Piotr Evdokimov
Explicit and Implicit Communication in Strategic Settings
Advisor: Aldo Rustichini

James Faghmous
Computer Science
On Tropical Cyclones and Their Impact on Marine Ecosystems: A Data-Driven Approach
Advisor: Vipin Kumar

Courtney Friesen
Classical & Near Eastern Studies
From the Mask to the Cross: Euripides' Bacchae and Early Christian Readers
Advisor: Philip Sellew

Raquel Gabbitas
Child Psychology
The Role of Peer Influence on Adolescent Decision-Making
Advisor: Kathleen Thomas

Amit Gangar
Medicinal Chemistry
Self-assembled Nanostructures for the Cellular Delivery of Small Molecules, DNA and Proteins for the Treatment of Cancer
Advisor: Carston Wagner

Ranganathan Gopalakrishnan
Mechanical Engineering
Transport Processes in Aerosol Systems Theoretical and Experimental Studies
Co-advisors: Peter McMurry and Chris Hogan

Yuanyan Gu
Block Copolymer Ion Gels for Carbon Dioxide Separations
Advisor: Timothy Lodge

Aloysius Gunawan
Materials Science & Engineering
A Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of Chalcogenide-Based Semiconductor Nanocrystals Using Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
Advisor: Andre Mkhoyan

Rachel Hardeman
Health Services Research, Policy & Administration
Reconstructing Research: Understanding the Intersectionality of Race, Social Class and Health in Health Disparities Research
Co-advisors: Todd Rockwood and Michelle van Ryn

Daniel Hawes
Applied Economics
The Neuroeconomics of Personality and Learning in Strategic Games
Advisor: Aldo Rustichini

Cathy Hayakawa
Child Psychology
Parent Involvement as a Mechanism of the Effects of Early Childhood Intervention
Advisor: Arthur Reynolds

Rosaria Ann Healy
Plant Biological Sciences
Evolution and Systematics of the Truffle Genus Pachyphloeus
Co-advisors: David McLaughlin and Imka Schmitt

Angela Hewitt
Does Cerebellar Cortex Function as a Forward Internal Model for Motor Control?
Advisor: Timothy Ebner

Nathaniel Holdren
'The Compensation Law Put Us Out of Work': Workplace Injury Law, Disability, and Discrimination in the Early 20th Century United States
Co-advisors: Barbara Welke and Tracey Deutsch

Maryhope Howland Rutherford
Attention and Support Visibility in the Successful Receipt of Social Support
Co-advisors: Jeffry Simpson and Traci Mann

Jeanette Hussemann
Negotiating Justice: Defendant Perspectives on Plea Bargaining and Court Processing
Co-advisors: Joshua Page and Candace Kruttschnitt

Zachary James
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics
Determining the Structural Dynamics of the Phospholamban-SERCA Complex by Site-Directed EPR Spectroscopy
Advisor: David Thomas

Nan Jiang
Computer Science
Exploiting Unwanted Community Patterns to Secure Large Networks
Advisor: Zhi-Li Zhang

Brynna Jones
Dynamics and Reactions: 2DIR of Catalysts and Conducting Polymers
Advisor: Aaron Massari

Shivaraj Kandhasamy
Search for Stochastic Gravitational Waves and Long Gravitational Wave Transients Using LIGO Data
Advisor: Vuk Mandic

William Kanyusik
The Wound at the Heart of Vision: Fraught Masculinities, Marked Bodies, and Disability as Metaphor
Advisor: Siobhan Craig

Jaya Kawale
Computer Science
Mining Relationships in Spatio-Temporal Data
Advisor: Vipin Kumar

Kristopher Kersten
Theoretical and Observational Assessment of the Effect of Large Amplitude Whistler Waves on Radiation Belt Dynamics
Advisor: Cynthia Cattell

Seongseop Kim
Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology & Genetics
Genetic Control of Oocyte Meiotic Maturation in Caenorhabditis elegans
Advisor: David Greenstein

Young Rae Kim
Education, Curriculum & Instruction
Building a Theoretical Model of Metacognitive Processes in Complex Modeling Activities: A Window into the Development of Students' Metacognitive Abilities
Co-advisors: Tamara Moore and Kathleen Cramer

Jee-Yeon (Jay) Kim
The Korean War Memories: Border, Nation, and Gender
Co-advisors: Hiromi Mizuno and, Yuichiro Onishi

Robert Kirkpatrick
Genetics of General Cognitive Ability
Co-advisors: Matt McGue and Niels Waller

David Knorr
Microbiology, Immunology & Cancer Biology
Development of Lymphocytes from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Advisor: Dan Kaufman

Adam Kokotovich
Natural Resources Science & Management
Contesting Risk: Science, Governance and the Future of Plant Genetic Engineering
Advisor: Kristen Nelson

Srikanth Kotapati
Medicinal Chemistry
Ethnic/Racial Differences in Metabolism of 1,3-butadiene (BD) and Influence of BD-DNA Adducts on DNA Replication
Advisor: Natalia Tretyakova

Nicholas Kotloski
Microbiology, Immunology, & Cancer Biology
Role of Electron Shuttles in Extracellular Respiration of Insoluble Substrates in Shewanella oneidensis
Advisor: Jeffrey Gralnick

Sudhir Kudva
Electrical Engineering
High Efficiency, Low Cost, Fully Integrated DC-DC Converter Solution
Advisor: Ramesh Harjani

Kwok Yin (Victor) Lai
Materials Science & Engineering
Bioengineered Tissue Mechanics: Experimental Characterization and a Multi-Component Model
Co-advisors: Victor Barocas and Robert Tranquillo

Jannine Lasaleta
Business Administration
Nostalgia, Wealth, and Health
Advisor: Kathleen Vohs

Yeonbae Lee
Electrostatic Modification of Novel Materials and the Study of Their Superconductor-Insulator (S-I) Transitions
Advisor: Allen Goldman

Pingyan Lei
Mechanical Engineering
Gas-Phase Synthesis of Mufti-functional Nanocomposites
Advisor: Steven Girshick

Stephanie Lein Walseth
Theatre Arts
Staging Race in a Post-Racial Age: Contemporary Collaborations Between Mainstream and Culturally Specific Theatres in the United States
Advisor: Margaret Werry

Mark Lewis
Educational Psychology
Using Testing to Enhance Comprehension and Potentiate Learning from Expository Text
Co-advisors: Mark Davison and Sashank Varma

Abram Lewis
American Studies
Alternative Queer Activisms After Stonewall
Co-advisors: Regina Kunzel and Roderick Ferguson

Peng Li
Electrical Engineering
Stochastic Computing: A Low-Cost Fault-Tolerant Computing Technique for Digital Integrated Circuits
Advisor: David Lilja

Anna Lindquist
Earth Sciences
Defects in Magnetite and Their Effects on its Ability to Record Paleomagnetic Field Variations
Advisor: Joshua Feinberg

Tsz Yan Ling
Mechanical Engineering
Nanoparticle Characterization and Filtration
Advisor: David Pui

Gang Liu
Manifolds with Ricci Curvature Lower Bound
Advisor: Jianping Wang

Liying Luo
Understanding Cohort Effects in the Study of Aging and Social Change: A New Age-Period-Cohort Model
Advisor: John Warren

Waleed Mahdi
American Studies
Re-Narrating Otherness: Arab Americans as Transnational Citizens
Advisor: Roderick Ferguson

Benjamin Manning
Study of Cellular Mechanisms of Inflammation and the Involvement of Mast Cells in Disease
Advisor: Christy Haynes

Giovanni Mantilla Casas
Political Science
The Political Origins of International Rules for Internal Conflicts
Advisor: Kathryn Sikkink

William Marvin
Chemical Engineering
Economic and Environmental Optimization of the Biomass-to-Biofuels Supply Chain
Co-advisors: Prodromos Daoutidis and Lanny Schmidt

Mikhil Masli
Computer Science
Understanding and Increasing Member Participation in Online, Social Production Communities
Advisor: Loren Terveen

Heather McLaughlin
Playing Like a Boy: Gender, High School Sport Participation, and Early Career Success
Advisor: Christopher Uggen

Audrey Meyer
Examining Bioactive Lipid Secretion from Mast Cells and Platelets in Asthma
Advisor: Christy Haynes

Sharon Miller
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Perceptual Learning in Adult Cochlear Implant Users
Co-advisors: Yang Zhang and Peggy Nelson

Jasmine Mitchell
American Studies
Popular Culture Imaginings of the Mulata: Constructing Race, Gender, and Nation in the US and Brazil
Co-advisors: Bianet Castellanos and Erika Lee

Todd Morehouse
Crafting Local Responses to Global Environmental Crises: Rethinking and Rebuilding 'Community' for the 21st Century
Advisor: Bruce Braun

Esha Nerurkar
Computer Science
Multi-robot Localization Under Processing and Communication Constraints
Advisor: Stergios Roumeliotis

Dawen Niu
Part I: A Biomimetic Total Synthesis of Okilactomycin; Part II: A Diels-Alder Approach to o-Benzyne and Beyond
Advisor: Thomas Hoye

Kuok Teong Ong
The Role of Adipose Triglyceride Lipase in Hepatic Energy Metabolism
Advisor: Douglas Mashek

Jeremy Orosz
Translating Music Intelligibly: A Theory of Musical Paraphrase
Advisor: Matt Bribitzer-Stull

Nicholas Parmley
Spanish & Portuguese
Imagining the Mediterranean: Disruption and Connectivity in Medieval Iberian Tales of the Sea
Advisor: Michelle Hamilton

Andrew Patten
Germanic Studies
The End(s) of the World: Weltliteratur Discourse and the Function of Literary Networks
Advisor: Rembert Hueser

Nicholas Petkovich
Evaluation and Optimization of Porous and Hierarchically Porous Materials for Applications in Energy Storage and Conversion
Advisor: Andreas Stein

Harrison Quick
Modeling Spatiotemporal Rates of Change in Interval-Censored Airborne Exposure Data from the Deepwater Horizon (BP) Oil Spill
Co-advisors: Bradley Carlin and Sudipto Banerjee

Srinivas Rangarajan
Chemical Engineering
Network Construction, Analysis, and Modeling of Complex Reaction Systems in Hydrocarbon and Biomass Processing
Co-advisors: Prodromos Daoutidis and Aditya Bhan

Chantel Rodriguez
Tracking Bodies: Health, Sovereignty, Citizenship, and the Railroad Bracero Program, 1942-1946
Co-advisors: Barbara Welke and Erika Lee

Anna Rosensweig
Tragedy and the Ethics of Resistance Rights in Early Modern French Theater
Advisor: Juliette Cherbuliez

Michael Schecter
On the Interplay of Spin-density-wave and Superconducting Orders in Iron-based Superconductors
Advisor: Alex Kamenev

Daniel Schlatter
Plant Pathology
Local Adaptation and Global Biogeography of Streptomyces
Advisor: Linda Kinkel

Matthew Schneider-Mayerson
American Studies
Oilpocalypse, U.S.A.: The 'Peak Oil' Movement and the Rise of Libertarianism
Advisor: Elaine Tyler May

John Schwartz
Comparative & Molecular Biosciences
The Modulation of the Porcine Antibody Repertoire in Response to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Infection
Advisor: Michael Murtaugh

Elizabeth Sharrow
Political Science
Producing Athletes, Defining Citizens: Title IX and the Political Construction of Gender
Advisor: Dara Strolovitch

Geoffrey Sheagley
Political Science
The Impact of Political Disagreement on Political Decision Making
Advisor: Joanne Miller

Angela Shin
Mechanisms of HIV-associated Neurotoxicity: Tat-induced Synapse Loss and Recovery
Advisor: Stanley Thayer

Nicole Skinner
Microbiology, Immunology & Cancer Biology
The Role of Enhanced Transgene Expression in Eliciting Anti-tumor Immune Responses Following DNA Vaccination
Advisor: Christopher Pennell

Aimee Slaughter
History of Science, Technology & Medicine
Harnessing the Modern Miracle: Physicists, Physicians, and the Making of American Radium Therapy, 1898-1945
Co-advisors: Michel Janssen and Dominique Tobbell

Elizabeth Smith
The Application of Z-Scan Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy for the Study of Protein-protein Interactions at the Plasma Membrane
Advisor: Joachim Mueller

Ahmed Soliman
Social & Administrative Pharmacy
Medication Therapy Management (MTM): A Tool for Optimizing Clinical and Economic Outcomes in the Management of Chronic Diseases
Advisor: Angeline Carlson

Yintao Song
Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics
Energy Conversion Using Phase Transformations in Mutiferroic Materials
Co-advisors: Richard James and Tomas Shield

Alicen Spaulding
Analyzing Changes in and Influences on Long-Term Quality of Life Among HIV-Positive People
Advisor: Alan Lifson

Joseph Steinberg
Essays in International Macroeconomics
Advisor: Timothy Kehoe

Omar Tesdell
Hidden Ecologies: A Spatial History of Palestinian Agriculture in the West Bank
Co-advisors: Vinay Gidwani and Bruce Braun

Laura Thaut
Political Science
The Flourishing of Religion and Violence: Local Power-Sharing Strategies and Patterns of Inter-religious Violence in Nigeria
Advisor: David Samuels

Addie Thompson
Applied Plant Sciences
Genetic Control of Natural Variation in Maize Shoot Apical Meristem Architecture
Advisor: Gary Muehlbauer

Robin Thomson
Phylogeny of the Microcaddisflies with Revisions of Selected Genera (Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae)
Advisor: Ralph Holzenthal

Banu Selin Tosun
Chemical Engineering
New Heterojunction Semiconductor Materials for Chalcogenide Based Solar Cells
Advisor: Eray Aydil

Susan Van Riper
Biomedical Informatics & Computational Biology
Label Free Quantification Algorithms Enabling Candidate Biomarker Discovery for Predicting Oral Cancer Progression
Co-advisors: John Carlis and Timothy Griffin

Benjamin VanderSluis
Computer Science
Gene Duplication and Evolutionary Consequences in the Genetic Interaction Network
Advisor: Chad Myers

Eric Vandre
Chemical Engineering
A Two-Phase Description of Dynamic Wetting Failure
Co-advisors: Satish Kumar and Marco Carvalho

Tiffany Vann Sprecher
Power in the Parish: The Religious Landscape of Paris on the Eve of the Reformation
Advisor: Ruth Karras

Fabio Vannucci
Veterinary Medicine
Proliferative Enteropathy: Host-pathogen Interaction and Host Adaptation
Advisor: Connie Gebhart

Bess Vlaisavljevich
Quantum Chemical Studies of Actinides and Lanthanides: From Small Molecules to Nanoclusters
Advisor: Laura Gagliardi

Nathaniel Waldron
Characterization of a Novel anti-Cancer Stem Cell Agent Targeting CD133
Advisor: Daniel Vallera

Grayson Wawrzyn
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics
Mining Mushrooms for Therapeutic Gold: Biosynthesis of Anticancer Terpenoid Natural Products of Fungi
Advisor: Claudia Schmidt-Dannert

Sarah Whetstone
Unequal Treatment: A Comparative Study of Social Location, Drug Addiction, and the Meaning of Recovery
Advisor: Teresa Gowan

David Wiczer
Unemployment Duration and Occupational Attachment
Advisor: Jose Rios-Rull

Andrew Wikenheiser
Neural Mechanisms of Choice Between Delayed Outcomes in a Naturalistic Setting
Advisor: David Redish

Wei Xie
Materials Science & Engineering
Charge Transport in Organic Single Crystal Field-Effect Transistors
Advisor: Daniel Frisbie

Ismail Yaylaci
Political Science
Performative Socialization in World Politics: Islamism, Secularism, and Democracy in Egypt and Turkey
Advisor: Raymond Duvall

Chonglin Zhang
Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics
Molecular Fluid Dynamics for Non-Continuum Engineering Problems
Advisor: Thomas Schwartzentruber

Chuan Zhang
Electrical Engineering
Low-Latency Low-Complexity Channel Decoder Architectures for Modern Communication Systems
Advisor: Keshab Parhi

Rui Zhang Health
Automatic Methods to Identify New Information of Patients from Clinical Narrative in Electronic Health Record Systems
Advisor: Serguei Pakhomov

Hui Zhao
Electrical Engineering
Spin Transfer Torque Driven Switching in MgO Magnetic Tunnel Junctions for Spin-Transfer-Torque-Switching-Random-Access-Memory (STT-RAM) Application
Advisor: Jianping Wang

Patrick Zimmerman
Random Strata: A Novel Method for Estimation Based on Uncertain Stratum Membership
Advisor: Glen Meeden