Eva O. Miller Fellowship for 2017-18

Deadline: 12 Noon, November 8, 2017

What Do I Need to Apply?

The following is a summary of the information you will need to complete the electronic application.

Section 1: Applicant Information

  • Name, email address, student ID, program
  • Indicate applicant category
  • Confirm eligibility
  • Indicate human/animal subjects use, if applicable to research 


Section 2: Application

Education Statement 


Research Proposal

Maximum two-pages, single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins.  Key references, diagrams or pictures may be included (but they are not required) on a single additional appendix page (no formatting requirements). Divide the proposal into six sections:

  1. Dissertation Title (or working title of your research project at the top of the proposal.
  2. Background.  This section should provide a brief overview of the research, placing it in the context of previous research in the field, identifying deficiencies in understanding that logically complement the objectives.
  3. Goals and objectives.  If applicable, state hypotheses and testable predictions.
  4. Design and methodology.  This section, which may be more technical, should be detailed enough so that reviewers can judge whether the research design is sound and whether the project is feasible.  Justify methods, including sample size and controls.
  5. Potential significance of the research.  This section should answer the question, “So what?”  What important new knowledge will be obtained and what substantive questions will be answered?
  6. Progress to date.  Describe the work already completed, the current status of your research, and what you will be working on during the fellowship year.  If your research is part of a larger group project, be specific about your role and independent contribution.


Curriculum Vitae

  • Maximum two-pages, single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins.
  • Focus on activities relevant to your research, publications, presentations, academic accomplishments & awards.


Unofficial UMN graduate transcript

  • with explanation of any incompletes


If applicable, IRB/IACUC documentation for human/animal subjects


Section 3: Recommenders

  • Name and email address of two recommenders (first recommender should be major advisor)
  • Letters are due by the deadline.


Section 4: Save/Update/Submit or Request Letters

  • Electronic signature, copy of application and letter request options
  • Send electronic letter requests to recommenders well in advance of the application deadline.