Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship: 2019-20

Selection Criteria

The review will be conducted by the Graduate Fellowship Committee, composed of twenty-seven faculty members and four co-chairs from across the University.  Each nomination will be independently reviewed and rated by three faculty members, drawn from different fields within the broad discipline.  The nomination must be reasonably comprehensible to all individuals.

The Committee will select recipients based on the following criteria: 

  • The degree to which the nominating materials show the student’s independence, originality and resourcefulness;
  • The importance of the research and the clarity with which it is conveyed;
  • The student's involvement in, or contributions to, research, scholarly or creative activities (e.g. publications, abstracts, presentations at professional conferences, performances or exhibits); and
  • The timeliness of progress toward the degree.


Nominating programs will be notified, in writing, by the end of spring semester.  Generally, emails are sent to DGSs by the last week in April or the first week of May.

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