Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship: 2019-20

Electronic Nomination Procedure

Program Nomination Deadline: Noon, Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Each nomination is uploaded as a single PDF to an electronic form

  • The DGS or designated program support staff will need to complete an electronic nomination for each DDF nominee.
    • The form will open after colleges distribute nomination slots.
  • Programs should check with their college to determine how many nominations they may submit.
  • Each nomination is uploaded by program staff, as a single PDF  to the electronic nomination form, and must include:
  1. Nominee's Education Statement
  2. Nominee's Summary of Accomplishments
  3. Nominee's Statement of Research
  4. DGS Evaluation
  5. Two Letters of Recommendation

Accessing the Electronic Form

    1. Create a Program Login to access the nomination form:
      • Create one username/password to upload all program nominations.
      • If more than one staff person will be viewing/updating program nominations (e.g., DGS and PLC), be sure to create a username/password that can be shared.
    2. Create the First Electronic Nomination:
      • Go to the electronic nomination form (login), complete the required fields, and upload a PDF of the nomination.  Select either SAVE/UPDATE or SUBMIT.
      • SAVE/UPDATE - You will remain in the form and may continue editing.
      • SUBMIT - You will exit the form.  A nomination confirmation email will be sent to the DGS and to the support staff indicated on the electronic form.
        • Both options will save the nomination, overwriting any previously saved/submitted information, and enable Graduate School staff to access the information. 
        • Both options will allow program staff to continue editing the nomination until the application deadline.
        • Faculty reviewers will not view saved/submitted information until after the nomination deadline.
    3. Add Additional Nominations or Update Existing Nominations:
      • Programs may continue to edit the nomination until the nomination deadline.
      • To add additional nominations after creating the first record, login as "Returning User" and select "START NEW" at the top of the page.
      • To update existing nominations, login as "Returning User" and select "Edit" to the left of the nomination.
    4. Confirm receipt of the nomination:
  • Login and select SUBMIT at the bottom of the form.  An email will be sent to the Director of Graduate Studies and to the support staff indicated on the electronic form.
  • To print or view the uploaded PDF, login to the nomination form and click on the PDF file.

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