2017-18 Doctoral Dissertation Fellows

Kaila Akina
Materiality, Practice, and Place: Polynesian Latter-day Saints in Iosepa, Utah, 1889-1917
Advisor(s): Katherine Hayes

Gabriel Al-Ghalith
Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology
Novel precision methods for microbiome analysis
Advisor(s): Dan Knights

Junwei Bao
Thermochemical kinetics: Theoretical advances and state-­of­‐the­‐art applications
Advisor(s): Donald Truhlar

Shreyas Bhaban
Electrical Engineering
Comprehending Nanoscale Interactions : From Molecular Motors and Mutations to Information-Energy Relationships
Advisor(s): Murti Salapaka

Joseph Buonomo
Medicinal Chemistry
Selective Chemistry to Improve Organic Chemistry and Drug Discovery
Advisor(s): Courtney Aldrich

Angela Carter
Feminist Studies
Re/Imagining PTSD: Toward a Feminist Disability Theory of Trauma
Advisor(s): Jigna Desai and Jennifer Pierce

Yun-Chen Chan
Child Psychology
Improving mathematical skills through relational language and executive function training
Advisor(s): Michele Mazzocco and Maria Sera

Tianyi Chen
Electrical Engineering
Online learning and adaptation for dynamic network management
Advisor(s): Georgios Giannakis

Zachary Davis-Gilbert
Development of Redox Catalytic Titanium C-N Bond Forming Reactions
Advisor(s): Ian Tonks

Brooke Depenbusch
Working on Welfare: Down and Out in the USA, 1935-1962
Advisor(s): Barbara Welke and Tracey Deutsch

Cayla Duffy
The Role of Orexin A in Neuroinflammation and Cognitive Decline
Advisor(s): Tammy Butterick

Peter Dunn
Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of early-‐late bimetallics supported by phosphinopyrrolides.
Advisor(s): Ian Tonks

Samuel Fahrner
Threats to Forest Health: Unprecedented Patterns of Forest Insects
Advisor(s): Brian Aukema

Angela Fenoglio
Child Psychology
Social Cognitive Development in Infants Born Preterm
Advisor(s): Jed Elison

Jessica Finlay
Cities of (In)Difference: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Place and Wellbeing in Later Life
Advisor(s): Susan Craddock

Brittany Forkus
Chemical Engineering
Probiotics for the Reduction of Salmonella in Poultry
Advisor(s): Yiannis Kaznessis

Soumen Ghosh
Mechanisms of Ground- and Excited-state Charge Transport in Organis Electronic materials
Advisor(s): Laura Gagliardi and Christopher Cramer

Christa Gomez
Civil Engineering
The Composition and Potential Functions of the Drinking Water Distribution System Microbiome
Advisor(s): Ray Hozalski

Michael Gordon
The Death-Throes of Massive Stars
Advisor(s): Terry Jones and Roberta Humphreys

Deirdre Green
Environmental Health
Health and Injury of Janitorial Service Employees
Advisor(s): Susan Goodwin Gerberich

Kathleen Hall
Land and Atmospheric Science
Biochar as a sorbent for naturally occurring and synthetic agricultural chemicals
Advisor(s): Kurt Spokas

Li He
Transfer of Spin Angular Momentum in Light Matter Interactions
Advisor(s): Mo Li

Siyao He
Graphene Oxide Toughening of Thermosetting Resins
Advisor(s): Andreas Stein

Cheng Her
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
Structural dynamics of calmodulin in regulation of the ryanodine receptor
Advisor(s): David Thomas

Amy Hill Cosimini
Hispanic and Luso Literatures, Cultures and Ling
The Media of Memories: Brazilian and Argentine Transitional Justice as Seen on TV
Advisor(s): Ana Forcinito and Sophia Beal

Colleen Hoffman
Earth Science
Do Deep-sea Volcanoes Enrich the Surface Oceans with Iron?
Advisor(s): Brandy Toner

Andrew Honsey
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Fish growth, temperature, and life history: applying theory to advance fish science
Advisor(s): Paul Venturelli

Mingwei Huang
American Studies
Plastic Empire: Chinese Capital and Migration in South Africa
Advisor(s): Karen Ho and Jigna Desai

Soo-hyun Im
Educational Psychology
Does the ‘arithmetic sense’ of children predict their mathematical achievement, and can it be improved through instruction?
Advisor(s): Sashank Varma

Parisa Jalalkamali
Creating Export Opportunities for Small Firms in Vietnam
Advisor(s): Timothy Kehoe

Shaofei Ji
DNA-­protein cross-‐links: synthesis, biological consequences and repair mechanism
Advisor(s): Natalia Tretyakova

Cheng Jin
Computer Science
Enhancing Management of Enterprise and Data-Center Networks
Advisor(s): Zhi-Li Zhang

Michael Joyce
Integrated Biosciences
Evaluating habitat quality for American martens using airborne laser scanning
Advisor(s): Ron Moen

Marc Juberg
Satirizing the Audience: Shakespeare and the Uses of Poetic Obscurity
Advisor(s): Katherine Scheil

Emily Keller
Monitoring Plasmon-Molecule Interactions Using Ultrafast Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Advisor(s): Renee Frontiera

Ankush Khandelwal
Computer Science
Novel Methods for Analyzing Imperfect Spatio-temporal Data at Multiple Scales: An Application in Global Monitoring of Inland Water Dynamics
Advisor(s): Vipin Kumar

Matt King
The Norman Kings of Africa and the Zirid Emirs of Ifriqiya
Advisor(s): Michael Lower

Brandon Lee Koch
Statistical Methods for Causal Interference
Advisor(s): Julian Wolfson and David Vock

Handol Lee
Mechanical Engineering
Liquid Filtration of Small Nanoparticles from Aqueous Environmental Systems
Advisor(s): David Pui

Ming Li
Achieving High Baryon Density Matter in the Fragmentation Regions in High Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions
Advisor(s): Joseph Kapusta

Xiaolan Li
Chemical Engineering
Biopolymer Simulations: From Next Generation Genomics to Consumer Products
Advisor(s): Kevin Dorfman

Xingguo Li
Electrical Engineering
Structured Learning with Parsimony in Measurements and Computation: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
Advisor(s): Jarvis Haupt

Chao Liu
Biomedical Engineering
Label-free optical imaging to identify biomarkers for spinocerebellar ataxia type 1
Advisor(s): Taner Akkin

Julia Longenecker
Aberrant visual processing during object detection in schizophrenia
Advisor(s): Robert Krueger and Scott Sponheim

Michael Ludwig
Computer Science
A Computational Approach to Measuring Similarity in Spatially-Varying Appearances
Advisor(s): Gary Meyer

Tianmeng Lyu
Regression models for recurrent event data and model checking techniques
Advisor(s): Xianghua Luo

Lars Mackenzie
Feminist Studies
Fraudulent Bodies: Gender Transition, Risky Identities and Surveillance in the U.S.
Advisor(s): Jigna Desai

Bridget Marchesi
Political Science
Does Restorative Justice Contribute to Human Rights, Democracy, and Peace? Explaining Diffusion and Evaluating Impacts Using a Multi-Method, Multi-Level Approach
Advisor(s): Kathryn Sikkink

Keler Marku
Taxation of Multinational Corporations
Advisor(s): David Rahman

Laura Matson
Multiple Sovereigns and Transient Resources: Contested Water Jurisdiction and Metallic Mining in the Lake Superior Watershed
Advisor(s): Bruce Braun and George Henderson

Tyler Maunu
Energy Landscapes of Non-convex Structured Data Problems
Advisor(s): Gilad Lerman

Patrick Meyers
Searches for a Stochastic Gravitational-wave background and studying and identifying niose in Gravitational-wave detectors
Advisor(s): Vuk Mandic

Rose Miron
American Studies
Mohican Archival Activism: Narrating Indigenous Nationalism
Advisor(s): Jean O'Brien and Kevin Murphy

Lauren Mitchell
Investigating Identity and Social Support Among Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life: A Mixed Methods Study
Advisor(s): Moin Syed

Matthew Motta
Political Science
The Informative Power of Campaign Advertising
Advisor(s): Joanne Miller

Katherine Muratore
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
Exploring Cholesterol Homeostasis and Cellular “Self-Eating”
Advisor(s): Edgar Arriaga

Mohammadhassan Najafi
Electrical Engineering
Time-Encoded Data for Highly Efficient Stochastic Circuits
Advisor(s): David Lilja

Lam Nguyen
Civil Engineering
Image-based multiscale analysis for bone strength prediction
Advisor(s): Dominik Schillinger

Viann Nguyen-Feng
An ecological momentary stress management intervention for students with and without a history of emotional abuse
Advisor(s): Patricia Frazier

Michael O'Connell
Integrative Analyses for Multi-source Data with Multiple Shared Dimensions
Advisor(s): Eric Lock and Wei Pan

Asa Olson
The Vertumnal Genre: Utility and the Death of Elegy, ca. 1590-1625
Advisor(s): John Watkins

Neal Pastick
Natural Resources Science and Management
Toward a better understanding of the vulnerability of high-latitude ecosystems to climate and disturbance-induced change
Advisor(s): Joseph Knight

Zachary Pope
Use of Fitbit Blaze to Improve Physical Activity and Eating Behaviors among College Students: A 12-week Randomized Trial
Advisor(s): Zan Gao

Djordje Popovic
Comparative Literature
The Concept of Statelessness in Second World Literature
Advisor(s): Keya Ganguly

Abhinav Prakash
Materials Science and Engineering
Wide bandgap BaSnO3 films for high room-temperature mobility heterostructures
Advisor(s): Bharat Jalan

Gerald Presley
Bioproducts and Biosystems Science, Engineering and Management
Using cutting-edge genomic and proteomic techniques to resolve the mechanisms of biological wood decomposition
Advisor(s): Jonathan Schilling

Taylor Reid
Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Genetics
Mechanistic Investigation of Ischemia-induced Oxidative Stress and Microtubules
Advisor(s): Melissa Gardner

Christopher Richards
Adaptation and Evolution of the APOBEC3/Vif Axis
Advisor(s): Reuben Harris

Aaron Rosenthal
Political Science
Trust Issues: The Dual Visibility of Contemporary American Government
Advisor(s): Andrew Karch and Joe Soss

Sergio Salgado Ibanez
The Decline of Business Formation: Causes and Consequences
Advisor(s): Fatih Guvenen

Niloofar Sarlati
Comparative Studies In Discourse and Society
Words of Exchange/Gifts of Words: Politeness in British and Iranian Economies of Modernity
Advisor(s): Shaden Tageldin and John Mowitt

Aarti Sathyanarayana
Computer Science
Sweet Dreams are Made of These: Sleep Technology and Wearable Devices
Advisor(s): Jaideep Srivastava

Melinda Schreiner
Structural and Functional Connectivity of Limbic and Interpersonally Relevant Networks in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
Advisor(s): Monica Luciana and Bonnie Klimes-Dougan

Junjie Shao
Veterinary Medicine
Mechanisms of arenavirus replication and host immune evasion
Advisor(s): Yuying Liang and Hinh Ly

Meera Shete
Chemical Engineering
Tailoring the Microstructure of 2D Molecular Sieve Materials for Gas Separations
Advisor(s): Michael Tsapatsis

Jieun Shin
History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Displaying Cold War Technology and Science: Planning the National Air and Space Museum
Advisor(s): Sally Gregory Kohlstedt

Christina Smith
Plant Biological Sciences
Plant response to water availability and drought in a changing world
Advisor(s): Jennifer Powers

Dominic Smith
Importing Decisions and Supplier Choice of U.S. Retailers
Advisor(s): Thomas Holmes

Abbas Sohrabpour
Biomedical Engineering
Noninvasive Spatio-temporal Functional Neuroimaging of Epilepsy Networks
Advisor(s): Bin He

Hannah Specht
Conservation Sciences
Habitat use and reproductive success of water birds in the human-dominated landscape of North America’s prairies: Using sparse data to inform management
Advisor(s): Todd Arnold

Jeffrey Squires
The Exculpation of the Desperate: Comforting the Desperate in Early Modern England, 1580-1680
Advisor(s): Nabil Matar

Rebekah Summers
Rehabilitation Science
Assessing and modulating cerebellar function in cervical dystonia using non-invasive brain stimulation
Advisor(s): Teresa Kimberley

Bixuan Sun
Applied Economics
How Markets, Policies and Consumers Influence the Transition to Clean Energy
Advisor(s): Jeffrey Apland and Steve Miller

Levi Teigen
Implications of lean tissue measurement and nutrition intervention on outcomes in the clinical setting
Advisor(s): Carrie Earthman

KangKang Tong
Public Affairs
Urban Infrastructure in China: Carbon Footprinting, Low-carbon Strategy Analysis, and Financial Investment Trajectories
Advisor(s): Anu Ramaswami

Pajau Vangay
Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology
Gut microbiome westernization and metabolic disease
Advisor(s): Dan Knights

Raghu Venkataraman
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Fault-Tolerant Flight Control Using One Aerodynamic Control Surface
Advisor(s): Peter Seiler

Jeffery Walter
Materials Science and Engineering
Electrolyte Gate Control of Ferromagnetism in Cobaltite Perovskite Thin Films
Advisor(s): Chris Leighton and C. Daniel Frisbie

Haiguang Wang
Comparative and Molecular Biosciences
How lipid specific T cells become distinct effectors
Advisor(s): Kristin Hogquist

Mingjian Wen
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Information-Based Fitting of Interatomic Models for 2D Materials
Advisor(s): Ellad Tadmor

Anne Wilkinson
Civil Engineering
Investigating Abiotic Environmental Stressors for Cyanobacteria Blooms Using a Multi-Scale Approach
Advisor(s): Michele Guala and Miki Hondzo

Justin Willmert
Search for Inflation in the Cosmic Microwave Background with the BICEP/Keck Array Telescopes
Advisor(s): Clem Pryke

Ryan Wu
Chemical Engineering
Analyzing Two-dimensional Materials at the Atomic Scale Using Transmission Electron Microscopy
Advisor(s): K. Andre Mkhoyan

Xuewang Wu
Mechanical Engineering
Thermal Management and Solid-State Energy Conversion Enabled by Micro/Nanostructured Materials
Advisor(s): Xiaojia Wang

Ruiqi Xing
Superconductivity, Magnetism and Nematicity in Iron-Based Superconductors
Advisor(s): Andrey Chubukov

Jun Xu
Materials Science and Engineering
Toughening isotactic polypropylene using polyolefin copolymers
Advisor(s): Frank Bates

Mochen Yang
Business Administration
Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of Engagement Behavior on Facebook Business Pages: Antecedents, Mechanisms, and Dynamics
Advisor(s): Yuqing Ren and Gediminas Adomavicius

Lucas Youngvorst
Communication Studies
The Impact of Communication Modality on Supportive Conversations Between Friends
Advisor(s): Susanne Jones

Tzu-Ling (Jocelyn) Yu
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Development of an Automated Word Recognition Test and Assessment of its Diagnostic Sensitivity
Advisor(s): Robert Schlauch

Chen Zhou
Electrical Engineering
Harnessing Inherent Manufacturing Variations for Secure and Trustworthy Hardware Authentication
Advisor(s): Chris H. Kim