2016-17 Doctoral Dissertation Fellows

Surafel Abebe
Theatre Arts
Space, Time, and Body: Scenarios of Sex, Empire, and Revolution in Ethiopia
Advisor(s): Michal Kobialka and Diyah Larasati

Fernando Alarid Escudero
Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration
Cost-effectiveness of H.pylori screen-and-treat strategies to prevent gastric cancer and ulcers in Mexico
Advisor(s): Karen Kuntz and Eva Enns

Ana Anderson
Hispanic and Luso Literatures, Cultures and Ling
Syntax in Contact: Variable use of the -ra morpheme in the Spanish of Galicia
Advisor(s): Carol Klee and Francisco Ocampo

Amber Annis
American Studies
The use of your reservation is important: The Militarization and Exploitation of Lakota Land and Lakota Sovereignty of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
Advisor(s): Brenda Child and Jean O'Brien

Jessica Arnett
Between Empires and Frontiers Alaska Native Sovereignty and U.S. Settler Imperialism
Advisor(s): Jean O’Brien and Barbara Welke

Koel Banerjee
Comparative Studies In Discourse and Society
Bollywood and the Aesthetics of Consumption
Advisor(s): Keya Ganguly   

Melanie Beck
Integrating Human and Machine Intelligence in the Next Generation of Galaxy Classifiers.
Advisor(s): Claudia Scarlata   

Jordan Beim
Investigating the Role of the Medial Olivocochlear Reflex in Selective Attention
Advisor(s): Andrew Oxenham   

Colleen Bertsch
Transylvanian Folk Violinists and their Coarticulation of Embodied Musical Techniques and Identity Performance
Advisor(s): Matthew Rahaim   

Vivek Bhandari
Public Affairs
Two distant but interrelated solutions for a low carbon future - a carbon tax and Combined Heat and Power and issues with their implementation
Advisor(s): Elizabeth Wilson   

Jacob Brutman
Sustainable Cross-linked Polyesters and Polyurethanes with Potential forRecyclability
Advisor(s): Marc Hillmyer   

Scott Burwell
Causal impact of youth alcohol and cannabis exposure on functional brain development
Advisor(s): William Iacono   

Kele Cable
History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Making “Artificial Selection” Natural: A History of Experimental Evolution, 1880-1988
Advisor(s): Mark Borrello   

Ryan Cammarota
Tuning Nickel for Uncommon Catalytic Activity via Dative Bonds to Lewis Acidic Metalloligands
Advisor(s): Connie Lu   

Justin Carlson
Food Science
Probiotics and Key Influences on the Gut Microbiome
Advisor(s): Joanne Slavin   

Austin Case
Plant Pathology
Characterization of Stem Rust Resistance in Barley
Advisor(s): Brian Steffenson   

Paolo Celli
Civil Engineering
Reconfigurable Wave Manipulation in Metamaterials with relaxed cell symmetry
Advisor(s): Stefano Gonella   

Yoori Chae
Economic Recession and Women's Use of Body-Revealing Clothing:  Is the Hemline Index a Truth or a Myth?
Advisor(s): Kim Johnson   

Yuan Chai
Applied Economics
Risky Choices: Managing Variability in Agriculture
Advisor(s): Philip Pardey and Terry Hurley

Sreelekha Chaliyakunnel
Land and Atmospheric Science
Constraints on global and regional sources of atmospheric organic compounds from space-based measurements.
Advisor(s): Dylan Millet

Mons Chan
The Effects of Trade on Employment and Inequality
Advisor(s): Amil Petrin   

Theresa Cira
Characterizing Impacts of Insecticidal- and Cold-Stress on the Ecology and Management of Halyomorpha halys: Research and Policy Implications
Advisor(s): William Hutchison   

Gregg Colburn
Public Affairs
The Use of Markets in Social Policy: Voucher Recipients as Market Participants
Advisor(s): Ed Goetz   

Daniel Cremons
Materials Science and Engineering
Imaging Defect-Modulated Structural Dynamics and Energy Transport with Ultrafast Electron Microscopy
Advisor(s): David Flannigan   

Jenna Cushing-Leubner
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Recuperating heritage languages, becoming transformative educators: Multilingual teachers and students of color transforming schools
Advisor(s): Martha Bigelow   

Jack Delehanty
Moral Commitments in Activist Coalitions
Advisor(s): Penny Edgell   

Debanjan Dhar
Mononuclear Copper-Oxygen motifs pertinent to Oxidation Catalysis
Advisor(s): William Tolman   

Nicholas Dillon
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Exploring the mode of action of pyrazinamide against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Advisor(s): Anthony Baughn   

Katelyn Donisch
Child Psychology
The Implementation of Trauma-­Focused Cognitive-­Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT) Using a Learning Collaborative Model: The Association Between Clinician Fidelity and Child Functioning
Advisor(s): Abigail Gewirtz and Bonnie Klimes-Dougan

Melissa Engman
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Revitalizing language, reframing expertise:  An ecological study of language in one teacher-learner’s Ojibwe classroom
Advisor(s): Kendall King   

Deisy Johanna Fajardo-Gonzalez
Applied Economics
Essays on Health and Gender in Developing Countries
Advisor(s): Marc Bellemare and Paul Glewwe

Evgenii Fetisov
First Principles Monte Carlo Simulations of Reactive Phase and Sorption Equilibria
Advisor(s): Ilja Siepmann   

Han Fu
Electronic structures and conductivity at the nanoscale
Advisor(s): Boris Shklovskii   

Kathryn Geldart
Chemical Engineering
Engineering Probiotics for the Treatment of Vancomycin-Resistant-Enterococcus
Advisor(s): Yiannis Kaznessis   

Ali Ghoreyshi
Electrical Engineering
Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording
Advisor(s): Randall Victora   

Alison Giovanelli
Child Psychology
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Well-­Being: Impacts of an Early Childhood Intervention Program
Advisor(s): Arthur Reynolds and Robert Krueger

Tim Gitzen
Masking the Threat: Sexuality and National Security in South Korea
Advisor(s): David Valentine   

John Goes
Robust High Dimensional Estimation
Advisor(s): Gilad Lerman   

Jacob Grossman
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Consequences of biodiversity in experimental forests
Advisor(s): Jeannine Cavender-Bares   

Maninder Grover
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Description of nitrogen under hypersonic conditions using direct molecular simulation.
Advisor(s): Thomas Schwartzentruber   

Damini Gupta
Chemical Engineering
Equilibrium Properties of DNA Molecules Confined in Nanochannels
Advisor(s): Kevin Dorfman   

Trang Ha
Globally Competitive, Locally Contradictory: Determinants of International Student Migration in the United States
Advisor(s): Elizabeth Boyle and Jack DeWaard

Wesley Hansen
Communication Studies
Campus Integration and Social Networks of International Students
Advisor(s): Ascan Koerner   

Anthony Hanson
Integrating host-­plant resistance in soybean aphid integrated pest management
Advisor(s): Robert Koch   

Nazila Haratipour
Electrical Engineering
Exploring Black Phosphorus, a Two-Dimensional Material for High Performance and Low Power Electronics
Advisor(s): Steven Koester   

Amy Hauck
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
Histone carbonylation and metabolic disease
Advisor(s): David Bernlohr   

Virginia Heinen
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
The information economics of social interactions
Advisor(s): David Stephens   

Benjamin Heintz
Computer Science
Geo-Distributed Analytics: Where, When, and What?
Advisor(s): Abhishek Chandra   

Garrett Hoffman
Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
Diversity funnels: Cultural centers as sites of subject production
Advisor(s): Rebecca Ropers-Huilman   

Maria Hofmann
Germanic Studies
Precarious Images. Documenting Human Tragedy
Advisor(s): Matthias Rothe

Chad Hoyer
Chemical Physics
Development Of New Computational Tools For Modeling Excited-State Chemistry
Advisor(s): Laura Gagliardi and Donald Truhlar

Jinbo Hu
Affordable and Miniaturized Ion-Sensing Systems: from All-Solid-State Electrodes to Paper-Based Ion-Sensing Devices
Advisor(s): Andreas Stein and Phil Buhlmann

Anna Ingebretson
Cellular mechanisms of cocaine-induced synaptic depotentiation in the mouse nucleus accumbens.
Advisor(s): Mark Thomas   

Julie Irish
Finding a Way:  Wayfinding Aids to Support Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Advisor(s): Barbara Martinson   

Hui-Han Jin
The Age of the Deceased: Tombs and Burial Practices in the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644
Advisor(s): Ann Waltner   

Hannah Julien
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Requests for Communicative Repair Produced by 4 Year Old Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Advisor(s): Lizbeth Finestack and Joe Reichle

Jill Kerrigan
Civil Engineering
The historical and spatial trends of pollutants in pristine and anthropogenic impacted systems
Advisor(s): Bill Arnold   

Joshua Kielsmeier-Cook
Plant Pathology
Diversity, ecology, and genomics of the fungal genus Xylaria in Yasuni National Park,Ecuador
Advisor(s): Robert Blanchette   

Whitney Knauer
Veterinary Medicine
The Application of Precision Dairy Technologies to Detect Disease in Group Housed, Automatically Fed Pre-weaned Dairy Calves.
Advisor(s): Sandra Godden   

Ryan Knigge
Understanding fossil primate mastication: Ontogeny, function, and integration
Advisor(s): Kieran McNulty

Claire Kolar
Social and Administrative Pharmacy
Advancing the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process by Utilizing Threshold Concepts to Improve Pharmacy Education and Transform Pharmacy Students into Practitioners
Advisor(s): Kristin Janke   

Sravanthi Kollu
Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media
Making Language Modern: Telugu Literature in Nineteenth Century India
Advisor(s): Ajay Skaria   

Aritra Konar
Electrical Engineering
Scalable Approximation Algorithms for NonconvexQuadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming
Advisor(s): Nicholas Sidiropoulos   

Jack Kostal
Human Cognitive Abilities: A comprehensive, meta-analytic examination of competing structural theories.
Advisor(s): Deniz Ones and Nathan Kuncel

Lori Krider
Bioproducts and Biosystems Science, Engineering and Management
Physical Stability and Nutrient Attenuation Using Innovative BMPs in Agricultural Settings
Advisor(s): Bruce Wilson   

Katelin Krieg
Thinking Like a Victorian: Metaphors and Models in Literature and Science 1830-1900
Advisor(s): Andrew Elfenbein   

Adam Kuchnia
Nutritional Targets and Bedside Assessment Strategies in Clinical Populations
Advisor(s): Carrie Earthman   

Kanchan Kulkarni
Biomedical Engineering
Taking control of your heart one beat at a time: a cure for cardiac arrhythmias
Advisor(s): Alena Talkachova   

Prashant Kumar
Materials Science and Engineering
Atomic resolution imaging of zeolite nanosheets using transmission electron microscopy
Advisor(s): Andre Mkhoyan and Michael Tsapatsis

Madelyn Labella
Child Psychology
Parental Socialization of Emotion Regulation in the Context of Cumulative Risk
Advisor(s): Ann Masten and Bonnie Klimes-Dougan

Robert Lade
Chemical Engineering
Simultaneous flow and drying in gravity- and capillary-driven processes
Advisor(s): Lorraine Francis and Christopher Macosko

Sangyoon Lee
Mechanical Engineering
System Configuration and Control Using Hydraulic Transformers
Advisor(s): Perry Li   

Cody Lensing
Medicinal Chemistry
Bivalent Ligands as Pharmacological Probes for the Melancortin Receptors: The Bivalent Advantage
Advisor(s): Carrie Haskell-Luevano   

Shaohong Li
Computational Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Molecules
Advisor(s): Donald Truhlar   

Lifeng Lin
Robust and Efficient Statistical Methods for Meta-Analysis
Advisor(s): Haitao Chu   

Chen-Yu Liu
Chemical Engineering
Dynamic Wetting Failure in Surfactant Solutions
Advisor(s): Satish Kumar   

Christopher Looney
Natural Resources Science and Management
Silvicultural Options to Promote Resilience of Northern Great Lakes Black Ash Forests following Emerald Ash Borer Invasion
Advisor(s): Anthony D'Amato   

Maria Mannone
Understanding Musical Gestures in Performance and Composition Using Methods of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Advisor(s): Alex Lubet   

Suzy Maves
Criminalizing Atrocity: Domestic Genocide Laws in Global Perspective
Advisor(s): Joachim Savelsberg and Chris Uggen

Daniel Maxbauer
Earth Sciences
Reconstructing precipitation from soil magnetism
Advisor(s): David Fox and Joshua Feinberg

Andrew McCabe
Civil Engineering
Aquatic phototransformation of contaminants of emerging concern
Advisor(s): Bill Arnold   

Vihang Mehta
Studying the Building Blocks of the Universe
Advisor(s): Claudia Scarlata   

Alyssa Meuwissen
Child Psychology
How do Parents Affect Preschoolers’ Self-­Regulation? Establishing the Role of Autonomy Supportive Parenting
Advisor(s): Stephanie Carlson   

Emily Midkiff
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Enabling Space Cadets: Quality Science Fiction for Children under 12 Years Old
Advisor(s): Marek Oziewicz   

David Moberly
"The Taming of the Tigress": Gender and Shakespeare in the Arab World
Advisor(s): Nabil Matar   

Aaron Molstad
Penalized-likelihood methods for high-dimensional multivariate data analysis
Advisor(s): Adam Rothman and Charles Geyer

Kelsey Moore
Investigation of glutamate neurotransmission during sex behavior in female hamsters.
Advisor(s): Robert Meisel   

Mohammadreza Nasiri
A Novel Strategy for Controlled Fabrication of Polymeric Nanocylinders
Advisor(s): Theresa Reineke   

Harishankar Natesan
Mechanical Engineering
Development of a micro-thermal sensor for focal therapy applications
Advisor(s): John Bischof   

Christine Nelson
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Rejuvenating CD8 T cell responses and the reversal of tolerance
Advisor(s): Vaiva Vezys   

Lindsey Novak
Applied Economics
Change of Heart:  Explaining Shifting Opinions of Female Genital Cutting in West Africa
Advisor(s): Marc Bellemare and Paul Glewwe

Bernadette Perez
Before the Sun Rises: Contesting Power and Cultivating Nations in Colorado Beet Fields, 1900-1945
Advisor(s): Erika Lee and David Chang

Brent Perreault
Light scattering for probing spin liquids
Advisor(s): Fiona Burnell   

Karl Petersen
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
MyTH4FERM Myosins have an Ancient and Conserved Role in Filopod Formation
Advisor(s): Margaret Titus and David Thomas

Patrick Plonski
Computer Science
Energy-aware Robotics for Environmental Monitoring
Advisor(s): Volkan Isler   

Samantha Porter
Investigating Hypotheses of Cultural Exchange between Neanderthal and Anatomically Modern Human Groups
Advisor(s): Gilbert Tostevin   

Patrick Quarterman
Electrical Engineering
Growth and patterning of mangnetic nanostructures for high density and low energy data storage using novel materials.
Advisor(s): Jian-Ping Wang   

Julia Quindlen
Biomedical Engineering
Mechano-to-Neural Transduction of the Pacinian Corpuscle
Advisor(s): Victor Barocas   

Arja Ray
Biomedical Engineering
Investigating the role of ECM architectures in breast and pancreas cancer metastasis
Advisor(s): Paolo Provenzano   

Sayed Ahmad Salehi
Electrical Engineering
Digital Signal Processing and Computations with DNA
Advisor(s): Keshab Parhi and Marc Riedel

Patrick Schnell
Bayesian Estimation of Population Subgroups Which Benefit from Treatment in Clinical Trials
Advisor(s): Bradley Carlin   

Katelyn Schramke
Mechanical Engineering
Properties of non-thermal plasma synthesized plasmonic nanomaterials
Advisor(s): Uwe Kortshagen   

William Severud
Natural Resources Science and Management
Assessing calf survival and the quantitative impact of reproductive success on the declining moose (Alces americanus) population in northeastern Minnesota
Advisor(s): Glenn DelGiudice   

Mansi Shah
Chemical Engineering
Materials and Processes for Gas Separations:  Integration of Molecular Simulations with Experiments for the Design of Novel Processes
Advisor(s): Michael Tsapatsis and Ilja Siepmann

Sha Shi
Electrical Engineering
Modeling of Organic Semiconductor Devices
Advisor(s): Paul Ruden   

Seung Ho Shin
Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology (All-University)
Discovery of HI-B1, a novel beta-catenin inhibitor that shows potent therapeutic effects against colon cancer
Advisor(s): Zigang Dong   

Jaehyun Shin
Educational Psychology
How to screen for reading comprehension difficulties: The validity of Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) in reading
Advisor(s): Kristen McMaster   

Maurice Sikenyi
Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
Higher education and peacebuilding: A comparative case study of peace and conflict studies programs in Kenyan universities
Advisor(s): Frances Vavrus   

Yuriy Sizyuk
Magnetism in spin-orbit coupled Mott insulators
Advisor(s): Natalia Perkins   

Shaden Smith
Computer Science
Methods for Large-Scale Sparse Tensor Factorization
Advisor(s): George Karypis   

Kailey Soller
Tuning Cardiac Contractility to Treat Heart Failure
Advisor(s): Michael Bowser   

Jennifer Spindel
Political Science
Signaling Deterrence: Coercive Statecraft and the Global Weapons Transfer Network
Advisor(s): Ronald Krebs   

Carl Stenoien
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
The evolution of specialist versus generalist strategies: defenses, decisions, and ecologies of butterflies and parasitoid wasps
Advisor(s): Karen Oberhauser   

Evan Stewart
No Church in the Wild: The Politics of American Secularism
Advisor(s): Penny Edgell   

Mark Sullivan
Chemical Engineering
Hydrodeoxygenation of biomass­derived oxygenates to petrochemicals using intersitial transition metal carbide catalysts
Advisor(s): Aditya Bhan   

Jameson Sweet
The ‘Mixed-Blood’ Moment: Race, Law, and Mixed-Ancestry Dakota Indians in the Nineteenth-Century Midwest
Advisor(s): Jean O’Brien and David Chang

Evan Taparata
No Asylum for Mankind: The Creation of Refugee Law and Policy in the U.S., 1787-1924
Advisor(s): Erika Lee and Donna Gabaccia

Amanda Taylor
Fabricating the Martial Body: Anatomy, Affect, and Armor in Early Modern England and Italy.
Advisor(s): John Watkins and Shirley Garner

Soon Li Teh
Applied Plant Sciences
Integrating Genomics and Metabolomics Tools to Inform Breeding for Powdery Mildew Resistance in Grape
Advisor(s): James Luby and Adrian Hegeman

Emily Thompson
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Developing CD8 T cell vaccine strategies for infectious disease and cancer immunotherapy
Advisor(s): Vaiva Vezys   

Caner Unal
Signatures of Particle Physics in the Early Universe
Advisor(s): Marco Peloso   

Andrew Urick
Development of Brd4 and BPTF chemical probes by protein-observed fluorine NMR
Advisor(s): William Pomerantz   

Michael Vanden Oever
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology
Regulation of Type VII Collagen in Patients with Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa
Advisor(s): Jakub Tolar   

Jenifer Vanek
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Migrant Adult Learners and Digital Literacy: Collaborative Study for Sustainable Change
Advisor(s): Martha Bigelow   

Katherine Vinter
Chemical Engineering
Routes to Biomass-Derived Industrial Chemicals through Zeolite Acid Catalysts
Advisor(s): Paul Dauenhauer   

Joseph Vitriol
The (In) Egalitarian Self: On the Motivated Rejection of Alleged Implicit Racial Bias
Advisor(s): Eugene Borgida and Mark Snyder

Tianqi Wang
Materials Science and Engineering
Ferroelectric Sn doped SrTi03 thin film as a promising candiate used for next generation DRAM dielectric
Advisor(s): Bharat Jalan   

Xiaoyu Wang
Interplay between magnetism and superconductivity in iron- and copper-based materials
Advisor(s): Rafael Fernandes   

Boxiang Wang
Studies in Large-Margin Classification Methods
Advisor(s): Hui Zou   

Hillary Waters
Mining, waste, and the politics of waiting on the Zambian Copperbelt: Producing contested knowledge and strategies in the meantime
Advisor(s): Vinay Gidwani   

Leland Werden
Plant Biological Sciences
Using plant traits to evaluate ecological restoration effectiveness in a tropical dry forest
Advisor(s): Jennifer Powers   

Chong Wu
Statistical methods for high-dimensional genomic data
Advisor(s): Weihua Guan and Wei Pan

Zuhui Xiao
Business Administration
Optimal Marketing Strategies with Reference-Dependent Preferences
Advisor(s): George John and Tony Cui

Ming Xu
Worker Flows and Labor Market Policies
Advisor(s): Ellen McGrattan and Fatih Guvenen

Yan Yan
Regulation and Function of Tumor-Suppressor PHLPP2 in Leukemia
Advisor(s): Ameeta Kelekar   

Amritha Yellamilli
Integrative Biology and Physiology
Evaluating the therapeutic potential of cardiac side population cells for the treatment of heart failiure
Advisor(s): Jop van Berlo and Daniel Garry

Sujin Yeom
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
Materials-­Biocatalyst Hybrids for Environmental Applications
Advisor(s): Lawrence Wackett and Alptekin Aksan

Kai Yu
Biomedical Engineering
High-resolution Neuroimaging-guided Brain Stimulation using Low-intensity Transcranial Focused Ultrasound
Advisor(s): Bin He   

Alexander Yudell
Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Fluid Modeling Techniques for Soft Switched Hydraulic Boost Converters
Advisor(s): James Van de Ven   

Dimitrios Zermas
Computer Science
Extraction of geometric data from randomly placed sensors, a paradigm in Precision Agriculture
Advisor(s): Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos   

Tianou Zhang
Bioavailability and biological efficacy of phenolic compounds in oat and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
Advisor(s): Li Li Ji   

Song Zhang
Mechanical Engineering
Instrumented Socks with Novel Sensors for Prediction and Prevention of Acute Decompensated Heart Failure
Advisor(s): Rajesh Rajamani   

Ruizhi Zhao
Social and Administrative Pharmacy
Estimating the Incremental Impact of Diabetes Complications on Hospital Inpatient Costs
Advisor(s): Angeline Carlson and Patrick Gleason

Qian Zhao
Computer Science
Information Contribution, Reuse and Recommendation in Social Information Systems
Advisor(s): Joseph Konstan   

Xuan Zhu
Mass Communication
Can SelfAffirmation Reduce Defensive Responses to Health Messages? The Role of Trait Selfesteem
Advisor(s): Marco Yzer