ImageNow and WebNow (a/k/a Perceptive Content)

Viewing graduate student files in ImageNow

Access to digital student files is available to academic program staff and appropriate college staff. These files include such items as applications for admission, petitions, exam forms, and language certifications. Staff needing access to student files must apply for access if they have not already done so. If you are currently a user of ImageNow, you still need to request access to the graduate student "drawer." Here are the steps to begin using ImageNow: 

STEP 1. Request access to ImageNow/WebNow.

  • You will submit an Enterprise Access Request form (ARF) found here. Read the instructions carefully.
  • Follow the link to the "Enterprise Access Request Forms (ARFs) and Attachments" and find the ImageNow/WebNow attachment under "Other Applications."
    • Enter "T GRD Outside View" as the ImageNow group being requested.
    • Save the attachment, and attach it to the ServiceNow request as outlined in the instructions.

STEP 2. Get training in ImageNow/WebNow.

  • WebNow is ImageNow on the Web. To understand the difference between ImageNow and WebNow, click here.
  • Get ImageNow training in an online tutorial here. (The final section of the tutorial covers WebNow, which may be sufficient for your needs.)

STEP 3. Sign in to WebNow.

STEP 4. Locate your students' documents.

STEP 5. Get assistance if you need it.