Communication Resources

The Graduate School can help you communicate your events and offerings for graduate and professional students:

Synthesist E-Newsletter

The Graduate School E-Newsletter Synthesist is a regular email communication designed to deliver general information about issues, events and opportunities related to graduate, professional and postdoctoral education to current graduate and professional students, postdocs, faculty and staff with graduate education responsibilities. Content generally falls into one of the following categories: Graduate Education Spotlight; Conferences, Events & Calls for Papers; Fellowship & Funding Opportunities; Issues & Best Practices in Graduate Education; General Announcements. Content Guidelines & Submission Info

APD Update

The APD Update is a regular email communication designed to deliver information about workshops, events, job postings and other tools that promote the academic and professional development of graduate and professional students and postdocs. The APD Update is sent to all graduate and professional students, as well as staff and faculty who choose to opt-in. Content Guidelines & Submission Info

Graduate & Professional Student Update

This regular student email is a collaborative effort between the Office for Student Affairs and the Graduate School to improve post-baccalaureate communication at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Our goal is to make sure all graduate and professional students are aware of events, resources, and information that are available to them. More Information | Content Submission Process


MyU was created to make information searchable and easy to find when students are ready to know more. To submit content to the Graduate School topic page in MyU, email Molly Schwartz at

Calendar: Graduate Education Dates and Deadlines

This Calendar is displayed on the MyU Portal page for graduate & professional students and also on the "Calendar" page of the Graduate School website. To submit a request for an event to appear on this calendar, email Molly Schwartz at


To submit a request for an event to appear on the Graduate School’s Twitter feed, email Molly Schwartz at

Graduate School website

To submit a request for an event or opportunity to be featured on the Graduate School’s website, email Molly Schwartz at

Mass Emails

The Graduate School uses the University’s mass email system to send the following publications to all graduate and professional students: the APD Update, Synthesist, and the Graduate and Professional Student Update. Students are able to opt-out of the APD Update and Synthesist; they are not permitted to opt-out of the Graduate and Professional Student Update.

In compliance with the University’s Internal Mass Email Guidelines and Requirements, we use the mass email system sparingly. We typically do not use this system to send information about individual events, courses or opportunities.

Contact us

For questions about these communication resources, contact Molly Schwartz at