One Term Only Readmission

Beginning spring 2016, Graduate Admissions will stop requiring a readmission application fee from students who must be readmitted in order to graduate.   This "no-fee" readmission is valid for ONE TERM ONLY.   In other words, students must graduate during the term for which they were readmitted.  

To request this type of readmission, the DGS or plan-level coordinator must send an email to Teddy Lamden ( or Laurie Hoppe ( explicitly requesting a one-term only readmission as outlined below:

  • In the SUBJECT LINE write:  "One Term Only Readmission"
  • In the BODY include the student's name, empl ID number, and reiterate that this is a ONE TERM ONLY readmission so the student may graduate.
  • ATTACHED to the email, a completed Express Readmit Form, including both departmental and student signatures.

Upon receipt, the Graduate Admissions Office will:

  • Process the readmission
  • Email both student and program staff when the readmission process is complete
  • Place a future-dated registration hold on the student's account to prevent registration beyond the term of readmission

If the student does not graduate during the term of readmission and must register for subsequent terms, a new readmission application (Express Readmit form or online application) and $75 fee will be required. 

Please contact Teddy Lamden ( or Laurie Hoppe ( with any questions.