Graduate School Diversity Office Services


The Graduate School Diversity Office staff represents the University at colleges, universities, symposia and conferences across the nation to encourage students to apply to the University of Minnesota. In addition, we work on strategies that help us to facilitate identification of prospective graduate students.


The Diversity Office provides consultation to assist prospective graduate students with the admission process and on financing graduate school.


The Diversity Office provides prospective and current students with information on how to map out plans to realize their educational goals, to take advantage of local and national resources, and to finance graduate studies.

Academic Support and Mentoring

Through the Community of Scholars Program we help graduate students (U.S. citizens and permanent residents) foster opportunities to build community, strengthen networking skills, and enhance their professional development.


The Diversity Office collaborates with graduate programs to identify and address critical issues to advance the University’s intellectual and cultural diversity in graduate education.

Please contact our office if you would like to schedule an individual consultation to help plan your graduate school pursuits. We are glad to help.

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