Application Fee Grant

The deadline for Fall 2017 applicants to request and submit an application fee grant is December 15; be aware that some programs may have an earlier deadline. For students with earlier deadlines than December 15, we would not pay for application fees after the Program deadline. If your deadline is after December 15 and you need more time, students can opt to pay and submit their own application. Please note that the application fee grants are a cost to the Office of Graduate Admissions As funds are limited, application fee grants are not available after the deadline date.

McNair Scholar Request for Application Fee Grant On-line Form (Fall 2018)

Students need to be in contact with our office at least two weeks before their program deadline to determine eligibility.  We want to help with the application process and introduce them to their program(s).

Eligibility Highlights:

  • Be a McNair Scholar
  • Have a preferred GPA of 3.2 or above
  • Must be entering graduate school for the first time or have not received a post bachelor degree (we want to give everyone an opportunity)
  • Request and submit your on-line Graduate School application by December 15 (see above)
  • Your program must be administered by the Graduate School (please see list of University of Minnesota Graduate School programs)
  • For those applying to the Ph.D. Program in Psychology: due to the high volume of application fee requests, please refer to the Psychology McNair Webpage for information on how to obtain a possible departmental application fee grant. 

The Office for Diversity in Graduate Education in collaboration with the Office for Graduate Admissions at the University of Minnesota will offer application fee grants to scholars who are applying to the Graduate School for Fall 2017. The fee grants are paid by the Office for Graduate Admissions. Since this fund targets students (U.S. Citizens and permanent residents) with financial hardships, some students may prefer to pay the application fee. To qualify, students must meet the eligibility requirements mentioned above and complete the "Request for Application Fee Grant On-line Form (Fall 2017)" at least two weeks before your Program deadline. We will notify you of your eligibility, put you on our roster and inform the graduate program(s) that you are interested in applying.

  1. Complete the following request for information form (please provide this information asap or at least two weeks before your Program deadline):
    McNair Scholar Request for Application Fee Grant On-line Form 
  2. The on-line application is available at: Please fill out the entire graduate school application.  Once your application is completed, contact Derek Maness to let him know it is ready to submit (he will submit your application). You will need to email your USER NAME and PASSWORD to Derek Maness ( so that your application fee can be paid using a U of M credit card.  Please note that we are unable to reimburse application fee grants to students who choose to apply online with their own credit card. 
  3. Upload your transcript(s) to the online application to complete your application.  Official transcripts, however, will be needed if you are admitted. See the on-line application web-site for complete details.

Email (Pdf file) a letter to from your Program McNair Director indicating that you participated in a McNair Scholar Program.

Most graduate programs require that separate program application materials be sent to them directly in addition to the Graduate School application. If you have not already done so, you should contact your major program or visit their web-site for information about financial aid and any other additional program application materials you may be required to submit: letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, GRE scores, etc. Programs that require such materials will not consider the Graduate School application for admission until all materials are received. 

Only one application fee grant ($75) will be allowed per student to apply to a University of Minnesota graduate school program. Students may opt to apply to more than one program, however, only one application fee may be paid by our Office. 

The Graduate School does not waive application fees for professional programs that are not administered by the Graduate School such as the College of Veterinary Medicine, Carlson School’s MBA program, Medical School, Law School, M.Ed. Programs, Occupational Therapy and the School of Public Health. For McNair Scholars interested in the School of Public Health please contact Crystal Esparza at, SOPHAS ( has their own fee waiver process.

If you have questions, please contact Derek Maness at 612.625-3524 or


  1. Students with a graduate or professional degree are not eligible for the application fee grant (such as M.A., M.S., M.D., J.D., Ph.D., Ed.D., etc.). Students need to be entering graduate school for the first time. We do, however, wish to assist you with your questions.
  2. Psychology Ph.D. McNair Prospective Students: due to the high volume of application fee request please refer to the Psychology McNair Webpage for information on how to obtain a possible departmental application fee grants.