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Recruiting Underrepresented Graduate and Professional Students

The following website presents best practices, prospective student data bases and recruitment resources that are available to University of Minnesota faculty and staff to assist them in efforts to diversify the graduate and professional student body.  Please contact Derek Maness with questions or if you would like to discuss your recruitment strategies (612-625-6858,

What Makes the University of Minnesota Unique

Best Practice Recruitment Initiatives

(If your program has a best practice recruitment activity please let us know so that we can add your event to our list)

Create a Diversity Matters Webpage, Video or Facebook Page

To help promote a commitment to diversity and inclusion we encourage programs to create a Diversity Matters webpage on your program's website. Current graduate students have indicated that such a site would inform prospective and current students of your commitment to diversity and provide links to valuable diversity resources and initiatives that focus on diversity and inclusion. In order to make this page effective we first suggest a brief statement by the DGS about your program's mission and commitment to diversity. Second, we encourage programs to include links to the Community of Scholars ProgramOffice for Equity and DiversityGraduate School Diversity Office (GSDO)Twin Cities Multicultural Resources and Services, useful graduate student organizations, and specific diversity fellowship opportunities such as the Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowships. Finally, graduate students have suggested including additional information such as: photos, a link to a Facebook page, profiles of students, students' experiences, and information about special events.

(a few examples of websites, videos and facebook pages created by Programs at the University to demonstrate that diversity matters)

Know Your Admission & Retention Statistics

On the Graduate School website you will find the last ten years of admission statistics (Application for Admissions, Admissions Yield, Admit Pool Characteristics, Matriculation Yield, and Matriculation Pool Characteristics) broken down by masters, doctoral, male, female, international, and minority students.  In addition, you will find retention statistics broken down by male, female, international and minority students.

To view your program's statistics please refer to At this site: 1) choose your program location - e.g. Twin Cities, Duluth (click),  2) select your program and then below select "Program Statistics" (click on "view'),  3) under your program name click on "Admissions" for admission statistics or click on "Graduate Student Progress" for retention statistics.

Ambassador Programs

The Puerto Rico, McNair Scholar, Advancing Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) and Black Graduate and Professional Student Association (BGAPSA) Ambassador Programs enable prospective students to connect with current graduate students who agreed to share information about their campus experiences. The Program helps students to build campus communities to enrich their campus experiences.   We have created flyers of our current Ambassadors and would be glad to outreach to your prospective McNair, SACNAS, Puerto Rican and BGAPSA students. Many prospective students have received the Ambassadors information in the early stages of admissions. Please contact Derek Maness ( for more information how to use this list to recruit your students.

The Ambassador Programs initiative were recently mentioned in an article in the Graduate School News:

Connecting with Prospective Students: Student Databases and National Programs

The following prospective student databases will help you to identify a pool of qualified prospective students.  The databases will help programs to go above and beyond what our competitors are doing to attract students and will help programs to stay consistent with national efforts to increase the enrollment of traditionally underrepresented students in graduate education.  You are encouraged to connect with prospective students to introduce them to your program and to answer any questions they may have. Our research shows that faculty should not underestimate their role in the recruitment process; faculty contact is one of the highest rated factors students of color cite when revealing why they selected a graduate program.

Prospective Student CRM application: Under contruction --Information about SLATE will be coming later this summer  

Please contact Suzan Koroglu in the Graduate Admissions office in regards to slate updates (5-2306 or

National Name Exchange

The National Name Exchange (NNE) is a consortium of fifty-five nationally-known universities that annually collect and exchange the names of their talented but underrepresented students who are in their sophomore, junior or senior year of their undergraduate education.  The NNE students self identified themselves by completing the NNE on-line request form to receive program information.  The purpose of the Exchange is to ensure that participating universities continue to identify qualified students who could be recruited to the graduate programs at these institutions. The NNE universities conduct other activities consistent with the national efforts to increase the enrollment of traditionally underrepresented peoples in graduate education.

The total number of prospective undergraduate students this Fall has risen to 8435; 140 of which are University of Minnesota undergraduates. Many are seniors looking to start their graduate studies in Fall 2019.  Programs can download in Excel format each student's contact information (including major, GPA, undergraduate institution, ethnicity, etc.).  You can generate mailing labels, correspondence, rosters, etc. in whatever format you see fit.   If your program would like obtain access to the NNE please contact Derek Maness (; 612-625-6858)

McNair Scholar Program National Directory

The McNair Scholar National Directory is a compilation of information about graduating seniors, including their addresses, majors, and areas of interest for graduate study. The database is available online at For more information about McNair Scholars please refer to the McNair Scholars Brochure:  "Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Student Recruitment" (pdf).   

GEM Fellowship Directory 

The mission of The National GEM Consortium ( is to enhance the value of the nation's human capital by increasing the participation of underrepresented groups (African Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanic Americans) at the master's and doctoral levels in engineering and science.  Please contact Derek Maness in the ODGE Office for information on the GEM Consortium Online Portal.

Campus Community Connection Visitation Program

The ODGE staff is available to assist graduate programs with recruitment of prospective students whom programs invite for campus visits and orientations.  We have found that it is important for under-represented students to know that there is a community on and off campus.  The ODGE staff, for example, will inform prospective students during their campus visit about the Community of Scholars Program (COSP) and campus wide resources.

Recruitment Resources and Events

The ODGE is glad to help you with your prospective students.  Our Office provides consultation to assist prospective graduate students (U.S. citizens and permanent residents) with the admission process and on financing graduate school.   We provide students with information on how to map out plans to realize their educational goals, to take advantage of local and national resources, and to finance graduate studies. 

The ODGE staff is available to assist graduate programs with recruitment of prospective students whom programs invite for campus visits and orientations.  We have found that it is important for under-represented students to know that there are supportive communities on and off campus. 

University of Minnesota Graduate and Professional Schools Recruitment Council Google Group

Faculty and Staff are invited to participate in the Graduate and Professional Schools Recruitment Council Google Group at the University of Minnesota.   This online Google Group offers the opportunity to discuss recruitment trends, graduate fairs and conferences, diversity recruitment and outreach; to connect with one another; to highlight our offerings and to discuss ways that we can coordinate collaborative efforts.  Members at our semi annual meetings requested that a Google Group be created that would allow increased participation by campus recruiters and would serve as a venue for information on recruitment initiatives and best practices.  Sharing tables at graduate fairs and conferences, for example, can help to save your resources.  We would be glad to add you to the Group.   At this time there are some 30+ Council Members.  For further information or if you would like to become a Council Member, please contact Derek Maness (612-625-6858,

Recruitment Materials (pdf files):

  • Graduate School Diversity Office brochure (pdf file
  • Graduate School Fact Sheet (pdf file
  • University of Minnesota Summer Research Handout (pdf file
  • Community of Scholars Program (pdf file

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