The Alliance is an effort to respond to graduate students' and postdocs' interest in reaching across disciplinary and cultural barriers to connect with others to affect institutional change."

Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Alliance for Diversity & Inclusion

Welcome to the Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Alliance for Diversity & Inclusion!

Who We Are

The Alliance is a new graduate student and postdoc-led initiative intended to provide opportunities for all graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to work collectively on issues that support diversity and inclusion through education, advocacy, networking, discussion, cross-pollination, recognition and celebration.

Why We Exist

The Alliance is not intended to diminish the need for services and spaces where racially and ethnically underrepresented graduate students and postdocs can interact with one another. Programs and student groups such as the Community of Scholars Program, Graduate Students of Color Alliance, and Council for the Advancement of Underrepresented Scientists and Engineers provide critical connections, resources and support to their members and are instrumental in advancing causes and improving the climate at the University of Minnesota. 

Rarely, though, do these groups come together to work on issues related to diversity and inclusion across our campuses. This initiative came about as a result of the November 2016 Graduate School forum in which graduate students and postdocs expressed an interest in reaching across disciplinary and cultural barriers to connect with others to affect institutional change as it relates to diversity and inclusion.

What We Do

The Alliance is a newly-formed group, and the steering committee will ultimately determine the focus and scope of the group's work. However, in December 2017, 30+ graduate students and postdocs participated in focus groups to help inform the purpose of the Alliance. 

Proposed Initiatives
  • Focus on community engagement by serving as role models and mentoring undergraduate students and youth from diverse backgrounds
  • Hold monthly forums to discuss issues that impact the experiences of graduate students and postdoctoral researches related to diversity and inclusion and create a calendar of topics to be addressed. 
  • Invite speakers to address topics of interest to the Alliance members, as part of a forum or a separate event
  • Explicitly encourage the creation of relatively local groups of friends/allies who work within a department, or group of allied departments, to support each other in anti-oppression work
  • Facilitate the centralization of resources that support diversity and inclusion
  • Identify best practices to advance diversity and inclusion and advocate for their adoption by faculty, staff and students

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact Dr. Noro Andriamanalina, Director of Academic & Professional Development, Graduate School Diversity Office.

Become a Member

We invite all graduate students and postdocs to be members of the Alliance. 

As a member, you will receive updates on Alliance initiatives as well as priority invitations to forums, workshops and events. 

As we launch this program, we’re also looking for students and postdocs who are interested in serving on a steering committee that will help further define the purpose and scope of this group.