Assign/Update Doctoral Final Committee

Use the electronic form launched from this page to assign members to your doctoral final examination committee or to update members on an existing committee. You will need your Internet ID and password to launch the form. Once submitted, your form will be routed to your advisor, director of graduate studies (DGS), and college for review and approval. Email confirmation will be sent to your U of M email upon final approval. Please do not submit duplicate requests. If you have questions about completing this form, contact

Please launch this form only after you've finalized your committee member selections and at minimum one month prior to your exam date.


1.  Consult with your graduate program to identify the faculty members who will serve on your examining committee

2.  Review the committee composition requirements for doctoral final examination committees

3.  Determine who will serve as:

  • chair of the committee
  • thesis reviewers
  • outside/minor field examiner

4.  Obtain the internet ID or employee ID number for each member of your committee

  • Internet IDs can be found in the University Directory
  • Employee IDs can be obtained from your graduate program

5.  Click here to launch the electronic form to submit your doctoral final examination committee assignment (or update)