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APD Update: June 21, 2016

Events & Activities

Join the CEI Pedagogical Innovations Journal Club
June 21, 2016 | 11:30 a.m. | Room 444 University Office Plaza

Each month, the CEI Pedagogical Innovations Journal Club presents a different journal article describing a pedagogical innovation that may spark ideas for teaching.

You can join the discussion today, Tuesday, June 21 at 11:30 in Room 444 University Office Plaza. The Club will  discuss the article “Aesthetics and e-assessment: the interplay of emotional design and learning performance” published in 2011 in Distance Education. You do not have to read the article to benefit from attending the journal club. Bring your lunch; dessert will be served.

You can find past articles from 2015-2016 on the CEI web site.

Summer Test Dates for Spoken English Test for Teaching Assistants (SETTA)
August & September, 2016 | Suite 400 University Office Plaza

The Spoken English Test for Teaching Assistants (SETTA) can be taken once every 12 months by University of Minnesota students to fulfill the Language Proficiency Requirements for Teaching Assistants. The test takes under 40 minutes (20 minutes to prepare, plus 15 minutes to present). You must register to take the test, and must cancel your registration more than 48 hours in advance if you cannot attend your scheduled SETTA. If you do not cancel, you will need to wait 12 months after your forfeited SETTA date before you can register and take the exam.

All tests will be given in University Office Plaza, Suite 400. Testing slots are available on the following dates for Summer 2016:

  • Tuesday, August 23
  • Wednesday, August 24
  • Monday, August 29
  • Friday, September 2

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Workshops, Seminars & Trainings

Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) Online Tutorials

Want to enhance your teaching skills at your own pace at a time that's convenient for you?  The Center for Educational Innovation has online tutorials on a variety of teaching topics, including creating Active Learning Classrooms, Surviving Group Projects, and Writing a Teaching Philosophy. More information  

Information Visualization: Creating Graphics for Publication
June 29, 2016 | 2 - 4 p.m. | Rm 440, Blegen Hall

This workshop, sponsored by Liberal Arts Technologies & Innovation Services, explores techniques for creating figures, tables, and other content for use in print or web publication. We’ll begin with a conversation on design theory, data visualization best practices, and a few case studies of great and not-so-great graphics. However, the primary focus of the workshop will be programmatically creating plots and moving beyond the default attributes of your plotting package. We will also explore various tools used to edit graphics when a plotting package is insufficient for your needs. Register

Fellowships, Internships & Assistantships

Travel Research in Equity Collections National Museum of American History (NMAH)
Deadline: Friday, July 15, 2016

This summer, the NMAH has opened up its collection for a new research experience. Through the Travel Research in Equity Collections (TREC) program, the Smithsonian is looking for four new researchers, journalists, artists, film-makers, writers, or scholars for a 10-day, expense paid ($1,500 lump sum) research trip to the archives of NMAH. As the research is based around the subjects of disability, LGBTQ, gender, sexuality, and race/ethnicity, potential applicants will be asked to submit a resume and other documents pertinent to their future research. The application deadline is Friday 7/15/16 and awards will be announced on Monday 8/15/16. More information


BLOG: TILT: Techniques in Learning and Teaching

If you're interested in resources for teaching, Techniques in Learning and Teaching (TILT) provides short, research-based, locally-tested, globally-minded and timely learning/teaching ideas, insights and resources. Ideas for each week’s TILT offering are provided by a network of teachers, researchers, community members and learners connected directly or through U.S. or international collaborations to the University of Minnesota. Follow the TILT Conversation to see annotated resources, notes on variations in teaching contexts, and comments from readers – via the TILT blog.

You can also receive "Tuesday Teaching Tips" by subscribing to the TILT / Teaching Tips Listserv. You'll get a brief, evidence-based teaching tip each week including gateway resources for follow up exploration of the topic. To subscribe to the TILT listserv: Send a message to listserv@lists.umn.edu. Leave the subject line blank and delete any signature line in the email. On the first line of the message body, left-most position, enter the following: SUBSCRIBE teaching-tips Your Name [For example: SUBSCRIBE teaching-tips George C. Starr]


Develop Your Leadership Skills Through Common Grounds: Working Across Disciplines

Interdisciplinary Opportunity

In partnership with the Center for Integrative Leadership, Common Grounds is a collaboration of graduate students from across the University who gather to explore integrative leadership, advance professional skills in collaboration, and produce community-based consulting projects. New members are recruited and selected each fall. 

Recent projects include creating an industry insights report identifying current diversity rates in the Twin Cities marketing and advertising industry for The BrandLab, an organizational and strategic review of the West Bank School of Music, a feasibility study for parklets in St. Paul for the Friendly Streets Initiative, content development for exercise and nutrition education and activities for the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic, and an analysis of the opportunities with Minnesota's Public Benefit Corporation law for Fox Advancement. More information


Interdisciplinary Opportunity

The "ID" badge denotes interdisciplinary opportunities