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Expect an average of 1.5 or Very Good


1 Vyborney Excellent
1.5 Velmi Dobry Very Good
2 Dobry Good
2.5 Uspokojivo Acceptable
3 Dostatocne Pass
4 Nedostatocne Fail

A Diploma Supplement is available for students after they receive a degree.   The Diploma Supplement will usually show ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) grades, and grades in the particular country's grading scale.

ECTS Grades

A Top 10% of the cohort
B Next 25%
C Next 30%
D Next 25%
E Next 10%

ECTS credits:  US schools cut these back by half


Bakalar/Bachelor's - 3 years

Bakalar/Bachelor's - 4 years

Inzinier/Engineer, 5 years (comparable to US bachelor's)

Magister/Master's 1-2 years (comparable to US master's)

Doktor Filozofie - comparable to US PhD