Students receiving mentions above "passable" generally may be considered admissible to the Graduate School; however, particular attention should be given to the trend in the record and the last two years. When class rank is available, it may be given more wieght than the grades. For applicants who have only the Licence before beginning studies here, see below.   


Excellent 16 - 20 Tres Bien
Very Good 14 - 15 Bien
Good 12 - 13 Assez Bien
Pass mark 10 - 11 Passable   


Baccalaureat -- completion of secondary program 

University Study: 

1st Cycle -- 1st two years leads to DEUG (diploma of gen. univ. studies) 

2nd Cycle -- 1 more year for Licence. We will consider for admission those who already have the Licence, although this is not accepted as the equivalent of the U.S. bachelor's degree. Applicants who have only the Licence would be expected to have averages of Bien or better. 

-- 1 more year for Maitrise