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BA (honours), BSc (honours), MSc – expect First Class placement.

MCom – expect exam results of 57% or better.

BSc, BCOM, (honours), MA – expect exam results of 57% or better.

BA, BCom – expect First Class, or 57% if Second Class. 

BDS, BVSc, MBBS – if class rank is available, expect a rank in the top 20% of the class. If class rank is not available, expect First Class placement. If Class (First Class, Second Class, etc.) and class rank are not available, then expect an average of 60% or above. 

For schools which use letter grading systems, expect an undergraduate average of 3.00 or above. 

Engineering, Tech, Pharmacy and Ag programs – expect First Class placement. 


First Class

60% - 100%

Second Class

45% - 59%

Third Class

33% - 44%


below 33%

See transcript or mark sheets for variations 


Equivalent to US Bachelor’s:

MA,  MSc,  MCom


4 year degrees:  BEng, BTech, BArch, BScEng, BPharm,  BAgSci, 4 year bachelor’s degree from Jinnah University for Women, BSPhysiotherapy (if 4 years).   Also 3 YEAR Bachelor’s honours degrees (BSc honours, BA honours, BCom honours which follow  a 2 year bachelor’s pass degrees (BSc, BCom, BA).       Some schools are offering 4 year bachelor’s honours degrees (BSc honours, BCom honours, BA honours.

Equivalent to US Master’s:

MEng, MTech, MPharm, MArch, MAgSci

Professional qualifications:

MBBS - comparable to MD degree in the US

BVSc - comparable to DVM degree in the US

BDS – comparable to DDS degree in the US


BA, BCom, and BSc degrees are only 2 year (pass) degrees based on an intermediate exam which represents 12 years of schooling. BA (honours), BCom (honours), and BSc (honours) are three year degrees based on 12 years of schooling.   These degrees are not considered comparable to the US bachelor’s.  Exceptions would be the degrees listed under 4 year degrees mentioned above.