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Expect a 76 or higher cumulative average.


University grading system for cumulative and semester averages:

84-100 Excellent A
76-83 Very good B
68-75 Good C
60-67 Pass D
Below 60 Fail F

University grading system for individual courses:

90-100 Excellent A
80-89 Very good A
70-79 Good B
60-69 Fair C
50-59 Pass D
Below 50 Fail F

There may be some variation.  Check transcript.


Equivalent to US Bachelor’s:

Bachelor's Degree - comparable to a bachelor's degree in the United States.  Awarded upon completion of four years in most programs. 

·         Engineering, Dentistry, Pharmacology and some additional specialized majors take five years.

·         Medicine - six years, followed by an Internship which lasts for one year.

Equivalent to US Master’s:

Master's Degree - comparable to a master's degree in the United States.

·         Diploma of Higher Studies - comparable to up to 1 year of graduate study in the United States.  Courses taken for the Diploma of Higher Studies are not all at the graduate level. Consideration of graduate level transfer credit should include careful review of course syllabi.