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Expect an average of 27, with a final exam grade of 108.


Individual courses are graded on the 0 – 30 scale, with 18 required to pass the year-end tests.  In addition, students must take a final comprehensive exam in order to complete the degree; a perfect score on the final exam is 110, with 66 being the lowest passing grade. Students may receive a mention of “e lode” – with honor – for the final exam, or for courses in which they receive a grade of 30.

Most students who received a degree after 2002 will receive a diploma supplement which will show their grades on the 0-30 scale,  and the equivalent ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) grade for each course.

ECTS grades:

A top 10% of the cohort

B next 25%

C next 30%

D next 25%

E next 10%

ECTS credits – US schools cut these back by half.


(“Laurea” means degree)

Old system:

Diploma Universitario  2-3 years. Vocational qualification. Students may go on to Laurea.
Laurea, or Laurea di Dottore,  4 – 6 years (old system, although still being offered). Comparable  to US master’s.

New system:  

3+2+3.  3 years for the first degree, 2 years for the second level (master’s level) degree, 3 years for the doctorate.

(ECTS credits – US schools cut these back by half)

Laurea  (1st level)  3 years, 180 ECTS credits.
Laurea Specialistica (2nd level) –  2 years, 120 ECTS credits.  Comparable to US master’s.  The 180 credit Laurea is required for admission.