Applicants placing in Upper Division of Second Class Honors and above are admissible.   


Examinations are not held on an annual basis at all universities. This varies according to university policies and the faculty concerned. A University Examination is given at all universities at the end of the first year to determine continuation in the degree program. All examinations given will appear on the transcript.   

Grading scales are usually the following, but the exact grading systems will appear on the transcript.   

University of Ghana and University of Cape Coast 

A 70 and above
B+ 60 - 69
B 50 - 59
C 40 - 49
D 30 - 39
E Below 30   

University of Science and Technology 

A+ 85 and above
A 75 - 84
B 65 - 74
C 55 - 64
D 40 - 54
E Below 40 (fail)     

Degrees may be awarded with Honors in the following classes: First Class (Class I), Second Class Upper (Class II, Division I), Second Class Lower (Class II, Division II). If a student does not obtain Honors, then Pass Class.     


Ghana is an Anglophone country.