If the applicant has already completed the four year honours degree, and finalresults are available, expect placement in Second Class Honours. If the applicant has not yet completed the fourth year, expect an average of Credit, or a B average, (or an average of 6 from the University of Queensland)for work taken during the first three years. If the applicant has a four year (or longer) degree where a final honours classification is not given, look for an average of Credit, or a B average.     


Overall Grade for Honours Degrees - based on performance in the fourth year:   

First Class Honours H1
Second Class Honours (Division 1) H21 or H2A
Second Class Honours (Division 2) H22 or H2B
Third Class Honours H3   

At some schools, this grading system is also used for subjects taken before the fourth year in courses in which an honours student intends to specialize.     

Individual Subject Grades:  

HD High Distinction (quite superior performance) - at some schools HD is not offered and D is the highest grade.
D Distinction (superior performance)
C Credit (good but not superior performance)
P Pass (achievement of an acceptable minimum level of competence in relation to the course objective)   


University of Queensland:

1 - 7 scale, 7 is highest. 
The four year honours degree is the usual requirement for admission to graduate programs in Australia. The University of Minnesota Graduate School also requires the four year degree of Australian applicants.