Provisional GEC

Based on the recommendation of the graduate education work groups to form a Graduate Education Council, Vice Provost and Dean Henning Schroeder convened a provisional council in fall 2010. The provisional council met monthly from October 2010 through November 2011. A primary responsibility of the provisional council was to develop criteria and procedures for the campus-wide election of council members whose terms would commence in spring 2012. A ballot was circulated in December 2011 to all tenured and tenure-track faculty on the Twin Cities, Duluth and Rochester campuses to elect the council’s 15 faculty members. The election was preceded by a call for nominations issued in May 2011 and again in August 2011. The council’s three graduate student members were selected by the Council of Graduate Students in spring 2011. 

Agendas and minutes from meetings of the provisional Graduate Education Council are available below. See also the list of provisional council members.




October 28, 2011

PDF iconpgec_111028_agenda.pdf

September 26, 2011

PDF iconpgec_110926_agenda.pdf

PDF iconpgec_110926_minutes.pdf

August 3, 2011

PDF iconpgec_110803_agenda.pdf

PDF iconpgec_110803_minutes.pdf

June 7, 2011

PDF icon2011_06_07gecagenda.pdf

PDF icon2011_06_07gecminutes.pdf

May 13, 2011

PDF icon2011_05_13gecagenda.pdf

PDF icon2011_05_13gecminutes.pdf

April 15, 2011

PDF icon2011_04_15gecagenda.pdf

PDF icon2011_04_15gecminutes.pdf

March 22, 2011

PDF icon2011_03_22gecagenda.pdf

February 18, 2011

PDF icon2011_021_18gecagenda.pdf

PDF icon2011_02_18gecminutes.pdf

January 21, 2011

PDF icon2011_01_21gecagenda.pdf

PDF icon2011_01_21gecminutes.pdf




December 10, 2010

PDF icon2011_12_10gecagenda.pdf

PDF icon2010_12_10gecminutes.pdf

November 3, 2010

PDF icon2011_11_03gecagenda.pdf

PDF icon2010_11_03gecminutes.pdf

October 5, 2010

PDF icon2011_10_05gecagenda.pdf

PDF icon2010_10_05gecminutes.pdf