Request for Information

New Page!
We have recently launched a new Request for Information page.

  • to better serve our prospective students and to comply with the recent recommendations made by the Provost's graduate education restructuring working group:

“Establish a new graduate education web presence. The addition of a recruitment module will include an applicant inquiry home page.”


Prospective applicants have always been able to contact your graduate program directly of course, and we know many of you have sophisticated processes for recruiting quality applicants. However, until this point we have never had an online resource, or "front door", where prospective students can indicate their interest in the the 200+ programs served by the Graduate School Admissions Office.

This new request for information page seeks only to complement the recruitment work you are already doing by making your graduate program more visible on our central page. It will also initiate a sequence of auto-emails (see below) that will periodically encourage prospects to connect with your program and help them understand the basics of the application process.

This is a modest first step, but important because this new page feeds directly into ApplyYourself. In the near future we plan to offer more customized functionality that will allow you to create your own email campaigns, track applicant progress, and generate reports to evaluate your recruitment initiatives. However, given the current resources of the admissions office and larger scale initiatives underway at the University, we are proceeding slowly and deliberately to be sure we can support the services we offer.

The Request for Information page is available on our admissions home page.


Click here to see the entire chain of emails that will be sent to prospective students that use the Request for Information form.


This new Request for Information page is the first phase of our efforts to improve Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) services. To learn more about our work in this area, or suggest revisions to the chain of auto-emails mentioned above, please contact Dean Tsantir at or 612-625-1303.

Will this new page affect applicants to our graduate program?

Applicants do not have to use this new page, they can simply apply exactly as they have in the past. However, this new page -is- connected to the ApplyYourself system. This means that we will be able to more seamlessly work with prospects as they turn into applicants in the future.

Do I need any training to work with this new page?

At this point you will not be logging in to any system to access your prospective applicant data from the request for information form. However, we do intend to offer this ability in the future provided we have the resources in the admissions office. At this point however, this page simply initiates a string of emails that are sent to the prospective applicant to encourage them to connect with your program and learn more about the application process.