AppReview is an online application review tool that is fully integrated with AY. In AppReview, program coordinators group applications, assign faculty reviewers to those groups, and track the progress of reviews. Faculty also access applications in AppReview, and record their evaluations and notes on a fully customizable review sheet.

Contact Grad Admissions to get started with AppReview and schedule a one-on-one training with staff in our office.   Also feel free to browse the links below to learn more about this new system.


Implementation Guide

Grad Program Sample Process Map

Reviewer Access Form (Excel)  Use this spreadsheet to request access for more than 3 reviewers at a time.)   


School:  umn-grad
Username:  provided in your account creation email (usually the same as your U of M internet ID)
Password:   users must set their own password by clicking on the unique link in their account creation e-mail

NOTE: Admissions staff cannot reset passwords manually; nor re-send the account creation email.   If you no longer have your account creation email or the link doesn't work, visit the login page and click the "Forgot Password" link.


Tutorial Name   Description                                                                                                                             
Reviewer Tutorial Introductory tutorial for reviewers describing basic functions and how to log in.                                                                          
Coordinator Tutorial Comprehensive tutorial describing the bundle creation process
Assigning Applicants to AppReview One-page tutorial for moving applicants from AY into AppReview
Searching for applicants not in AppReview (COMING SOON!) How to find applicants on the AY side who have not been pushed to AppReview
Exporting Data from AppReview Creating and running exports of review data
Unassigning Applicants from Bundles How to remove applicants from bundles after they've been assigned.

Removing Applicants from AppReview (COMING SOON!)

How to remove applicants from AppReview entirely.  Useful for cleanup after testing.
Application Sections Guide Describes all of the application sections and provides tips and tricks for selecting sections to display in AppReview

Powerpoint of presentation given at Hobsons conference:

AppReview: The Final Step in Going Paperless (July 24, 2014)