I-20 Transfer Process

If you currently hold an F-1 visa from another institution, you must request a transfer of your SEVIS record to the University of Minnesota. 

Follow the steps below to transfer your SEVIS record:
1. Contact the international student advisor at your current school. 

You and your advisor will determine your “Transfer Release Date.”    Before deciding your release date, consider the following:

  • Our office cannot access your SEVIS record or prepare an I-20 for you until AFTER your release date.
  • The processing time for an I-20 is about 1 week AFTER your release date.
  • You cannot enroll for classes or begin working on the U of M campus until AFTER your release date and AFTER your U of M I-20 has been issued.
2. Provide your current advisor with the full name and SEVIS school code for the University of Minnesota campus you will attend.

We recommend printing this page or sharing this URL with your advisor to ensure that your record is transferred to the correct school in SEVIS. 

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities:    SPM214F00039000
University of Minnesota-Duluth:           SPM214F00039001

3. Submit the online International Financial Certification form.

(accessible via your online application dashboard AFTER you have been admitted to a program.) 

4. Wait patiently for our office to prepare your I-20. 

Remember, we cannot begin preparing your I-20 until you have submitted the Financial Certification form AND your Release Date has passed.