Connect Recruitment System

To help with your recruitment, the Graduate Admissions office now offers the Connect recruitment system. One feature of the system is our online Request for Information Form that enhances the visibility of your graduate program by actively welcoming prospective students, linking them to your program, and sending general follow up emails with application information.

For more information, including copies of each email sent to prospects, see:

How can you use Connect?

Connect also features the ability to record communications between prospects and to develop automated email campaigns (including measure recipient click rates). Perhaps most importantly, Connect allows you to measure and report which of your prospects actually became applicants, and hopefully admits.

Get Started!

Getting started with Connect is very easy. Simply schedule a meeting with Suzan Koroglu in the Graduate Admissions office (5-2306 or

Connect single sign-on page

Use these flyers to get your students connected!

Connect Request Flyer
Small, 4 per page

Connect Request Flyer
Large, 1-page