Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting Graduate Admissions, please browse our web pages and this list of FAQs for answers.

  • We make every attempt to reply to all inquiries, but given limited time and resources, high inquiry volume can result in delayed response time.

If you still have questions after reading this FAQ, please contact Graduate Admissions.

Twin Cities and Rochester Campuses:

  • 6874 for both Twin Cities and Rochester
    • Your academic program or department may have its own GRE code which can likely be found on its website. However, if you are not sure, the 6874 code will suffice.

Duluth Campus:

  • 6873

Detailed information on the GRE.


GRE Subject Tests are intended for students who have extensive background in one of eight disciplines, including:

Some graduate programs require the GRE Subject Test. 

Additional information on the GRE.


Application deadlines will be posted on each graduate program's website. We strongly suggest you apply at least two weeks before the deadline.

Why so early?

  • Applying early avoids any system performance issues that can result from too many users logging in at the same time (the last minute!).
  • Applying early ensures that you have submitted the parts of your application that you control directly. Other parts of your application, like official test scores and recommendations, are connected to your application but are not submitted by you. So if you apply early, you have more time to log back into your online application and monitor the progress of your recommendations, test scores, etc. 
  • Frantically submitting last minute materials can make a bad impression on your graduate program of interest. Remember, this is your first assignment for this program!
  • For more information consult your graduate program or view the individual program web site. 

Please do not send official transcripts until we request them from you, as this may delay the processing of your application.  Unofficial transcripts should be uploaded to your application. If you are recommended for admission you will need to provide an official transcript, sent to us by mail directly from the institution. Detailed information on uploading transcripts. 

You must complete the Graduate School application online.

  • When you submit the online application for admission, it is very important that you contact the major program (see Individual Graduate Programs ) to learn about additional program requirements necessary to complete the application process.
  • If you receive an application information packet from the program, complete information including program requirements and an application for financial aid will be included.
  • See detailed information on starting your application 

The Office of Admissions is not able to process an application without the fee under any circumstances. It is not possible to submit an online application without credit card payment.

 Please note that you do not need to wait to upload your transcripts or credentials to the online application.

After I submit my application...

The final admission decision is made by the graduate program. The Graduate School Admissions Office processes your application materials and when they are complete sends them to the program for review by the faculty. The Admissions Office also is responsible for sending you official notice of the faculty decision. 

Your application is available for your program to review immediately. 

  • Please note that it is your responsibility to check the status of your application. 
  • To check your status, simply log back into your ApplyYourself Application record. 
    • The status will be updated as we process your application. 
    • You will be notified once the application is considered complete.  
  • Detailed instructions on checking your application status

When you receive the official decision letter is dependent upon a number of factors. If you are applying to a program that reviews applications continually, you may receive a decision in 4-6 weeks. However, you should factor in semester breaks and summer vacation, which may limit the number of faculty available to review applications.

If you apply to a program that has an early deadline and then reviews all applications at one time, even if you apply early you may not receive a decision letter from the Admissions Office for several months. The highest volume of decision letters being sent out is in February-April.

Consult your graduate program or check the individual program web site to learn about deadlines and when applications are reviewed.

Please check your status online first!!

  • Help us to help you!  During peak times of the year it may take a few days for your status to be updated. It is very difficult for us to check on individual applications during this busy time, so please check your online status before calling or emailing our office.

Detailed instructions for checking your application status are available here. 

Please check the official test score status in the applicant copy of your online application.

  • Note that it may take several days after you submit your online application for your official scores to be uploaded electronically and appear on this document.

Yes, you may apply for admission to as many graduate programs as you wish. However, you must:

  1. apply online separately for each graduate program,
  2. pay the application fee for each application, and
  3. submit a complete set of application transcripts/credentials for each separate application.

Note: In addition to submitting your transcripts/credentials to the Graduate School, you may have to submit a separate set of transcripts to each academic program, so you should thoroughly review the application instructions for each program you apply to. 

If you wish to appeal the decision on your application for admission please contact your graduate program directly. 

Miscellaneous questions...

The University offers a variety of ways for graduate students to receive financial assistance.


  • The most common method of funding is through graduate assistantships, which are awarded by individual graduate programs.
  • Application for an assistantship is made directly to the program.  Please consult with your program for additional information and application procedures.
  • Assistantships are usually for 25% or 50% poss (10 or 20 hours of work per week), and require teaching or research done under the direction of a faculty member.
  • In addition to a salary, tuition is covered at the rate of twice the percentage of the assistantship.
    • For example, a 50% assistant is given 100% of tuition; a 25% assistant is given 50% of tuition.
  • The University also covers a portion of an assistant's health insurance costs.
    • For a 50% assistantship, the University pays 95% of the individual's health insurance costs,
      a 25% assistantship receives 47.5% coverage of health insurance costs.
      Dependant coverage is also available. 


  • Fellowships are non-service awards, usually based upon merit, which are another source of funding.
  • Fellowships for incoming students are awarded by each program, or through application to outside sources. 
  • Please contact your program for information on their fellowship application procedures.

Financial Aid

The current tuition rates can be viewed at the One Stop web site for costs and tuition information. 

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