Questions About Letters of Recommendation

Letter requirements are determined by each program:
  • Questions about letter requirements and deadlines should be directed to your program.
  • Requests to add/change/upload letters to your application should also be sent to your program.  The Graduate Admissions Office is unable to process these requests.
  • You can track the progress of your recommendation providers by viewing the status of your online recommendations.
  • To send a reminder to letter providers, login to your application, check the box next to the provider name, then click "resend."  This will generate a reminder email (see graphic below)
  • You'll receive an email when each recommendation provider submits a recommendation.

Click "resend" to notify your recommendation providers:


Trouble shooting tips:

The vast majority of our recommendations are submitted with no problems. However, if you do encounter issues, below are some troubleshooting tips. You may wish to send this list to your recommendation provider.

  • Simply try using a different browser (e.g. Firefox instead of Internet Explorer)
  • If using an older version of a browser, update to the latest version and try again
  • Shut down all other browsers that may be open on your machine and re-open only the browser you want to work with to submit the recommendation
  • Have the applicant resend the recommendation request, more information can be found on this page
  • If you are not receiving emails, check your SPAM folders on your email program or add to your trusted email addresses list
  • Shut down the machine entirely, restart, and try the recommendation process again
  • Try a different machine
  • Contact Hobsons technical support, the link is available on each page of the recommendation system. Alternatively, the applicant can contact tech support on your behalf. The tech support link is also available to applicants in the online application.
  • If all else fails, consider sending the recommendation "offline," or outside of the online system. However, keep in mind this could delay processing the application. And applicants should always check with the graduate program to make sure this is allowed.