What type of financial aid is available? How do I apply?

The University offers a variety of ways for graduate students to receive financial assistance.


  • The most common method of funding is through graduate assistantships, which are awarded by individual graduate programs.
  • Application for an assistantship is made directly to the program.  Please consult with your program for additional information and application procedures.
  • Assistantships are usually for 25% or 50% poss (10 or 20 hours of work per week), and require teaching or research done under the direction of a faculty member.
  • In addition to a salary, tuition is covered at the rate of twice the percentage of the assistantship.
    • For example, a 50% assistant is given 100% of tuition; a 25% assistant is given 50% of tuition.
  • The University also covers a portion of an assistant's health insurance costs.
    • For a 50% assistantship, the University pays 95% of the individual's health insurance costs,
      a 25% assistantship receives 47.5% coverage of health insurance costs.
      Dependant coverage is also available. 


  • Fellowships are non-service awards, usually based upon merit, which are another source of funding.
  • Fellowships for incoming students are awarded by each program, or through application to outside sources. 
  • Please contact your program for information on their fellowship application procedures.

Financial Aid