What is my program's application deadline?

Application deadlines will be posted on each graduate program's website. We strongly suggest you apply at least two weeks before the deadline.

Why so early?

  • Applying early avoids any system performance issues that can result from too many users logging in at the same time (the last minute!).
  • Applying early ensures that you have submitted the parts of your application that you control directly. Other parts of your application, like official test scores and recommendations, are connected to your application but are not submitted by you. So if you apply early, you have more time to log back into your online application and monitor the progress of your recommendations, test scores, etc. 
  • Frantically submitting last minute materials can make a bad impression on your graduate program of interest. Remember, this is your first assignment for this program!
  • For more information consult your graduate program or view the individual program web site.