Strategic Plan, Jan 2014-Dec 2018

Goal 5: To position graduate education more centrally and visibly within the University

Strategy M: Strengthen partnerships and collaborations

Tactic M1:  Coordinate with other university units to meet graduate students' needs and enhance opportunities available to them

Action: Increase scope and density of collaborative efforts

Outcome: Visible, collaborative partnerships and renewed intentionality about coordination of Graduate School activities

Strategy N: Enhance strategic communications

Tactic N1:  Increase visibility and improve understanding of the Grad School's roles and work

Action: Keep faculty, staff and students informed of Graduate School events and activities.

Outcome: Widespread awareness of the role and work of the Graduate School

Tactic N2:  Advocate for and recognize the work of students at the post-baccalaureate level

Action: Disseminate information about student accomplishments regularly and through several media

Outcome: High visibility and recognition of students' work and accomplishments

Tactic N3:  Enhance the Graduate School's status as a source of data and information on graduate education

Action: Keep faculty, staff and students informed of critical information related to graduate education

Outcome: Ready access to critical information related to graduate education

Tactic N4:  Demonstrate intellectual leadership in all aspects of graduate education

Action: Regional and national engagement with leaders in graduate education

Outcome: Recognized status of the Graduate School as an intellectual leader in graduate education within the University and among its peers

Strategy O: Support advisory and governance relationships

Tactic O1:  Enhance consultation to ensure strong relationships with faculty

Action: Utilize the Graduate Education Council in planning and implementation of programs

Outcome: Good working relationships with representatives of the faculty and, through them, engagement with the broader faculty   

Tactic O2: Enhance relationships with COGS/CIGS/GAPSA/PDA

Action: Collaboration with student governance groups

Outcome: Good working relationships with representatives from student governance groups

Tactic O3:  Strengthen the Graduate School's connections with the University governance system

Action: Maintain involvement in Senate committees

Outcome: Active and consultative role for the Graduate School in governance and decision-making at the University level

Strategy P: Maintain the Graduate School's role in policy development

Tactic P1:  Promote excellence in oversight, compliance, and standards through graduate education policy

Action: Review graduate education policies and maintain involvement in University-level policy development and oversight in conjunction with governance committees and administration

Outcome: High standards for excellence in graduate education university-wide