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2017-2018 MMIGG Scholarship Winners Announced

  • Kate Diamond, Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
  • Colleen Peterson, Division of Epidemiology

April 11, 2013, Videoconference Presentation: "Sampling in Mixed Research: An Inclusive Approach"

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Mixed Methods


The mission of the Mixed Methods Interdisciplinary Graduate Group (MMIGG) is to serve as a resource and community for University of Minnesota faculty, students, and staff who are interested in integrating qualitative and quantitative sources of information in their scholarly work. 


Through a variety of scholarly activities, the objectives of the MMIGG are to:

  • Explore the a) philosophy/paradigmatic underpinnings of mixed methods research; b) types of mixed methods designs; c) key methods (sampling, measurement, and analysis); d) synthesis and dissemination of mixed methods research; and e) quality in mixed methods research.
  • Create a critical mass of researchers to develop interdisciplinary, collaborative research initiatives.
  • Facilitate the incorporation of mixed method concepts and principles in existing curricula.


The primary contact for this group is Dr. Michael Beckstrand (College of Liberal Arts).  Additional members of the leadership team are Dr. Joseph E. Gaugler (Founder, Human Dev. & Family Studies, Gerontology/School of Nursing) and Dr. Frances P. Lawrenz (Department of Educational Psychology).  

For inquiries about the MMIGG or membership, please contact Dr. Beckstrand at or 612-626-8430.


The membership of the MMIGG hail from a range of disciplines (e.g., nursing, anthropology, epidemiology, family social science, psychology) and include research associates, Master’s and doctoral level students, University faculty and administrative staff. 


The MMIGG provides the following services to the University of Minnesota:

  • A virtual library of MMIGG meeting correspondence, presentations, and other mixed methods resources.
  • A mixed methods grant proposal and manuscript peer review service for University of Minnesota faculty, students, and staff, including group mock review.
  • The opportunity for University of Minnesota faculty, students, or staff to request a speaker of prominence to conduct a seminar or webinar on mixed methods topics.
  • MMIGG-led seminars that provide overviews of mixed methods research for faculty, students, or staff in various academic units throughout the University of Minnesota.


Activities of the Mixed Methods Interdisciplinary Graduate Group include:

  • Informal, monthly meetings of members to discuss critical topics and research in mixed methods during the academic year (free pizza provided).
  • Seminars and webinars on key topics related to mixed methods research conducted by internationally-renowned scholars.
  • A yearly faculty retreat to discuss collaborative opportunities related to mixed methods research.
  • A doctoral seminar (NURS 8195: Mixed Methods in the Behavioral, Social and Applied Health Sciences) offered each spring semester that provides students with the opportunity to apply mixed methods design strategies to their own research projects.