Holocaust, Genocide & Mass Violence Studies


The Holocaust, Genocide and Mass Violence Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Group provides a common intellectual space to bring together the disparate but closely related scholarly, legal, policy, and activist work being done by individual faculty and graduate students across the university’s multiple schools, centers, and departments.

Presently, the group holds works-in-progress style research workshops twice a month during the academic year and fosters interdisciplinary conversations on the subject areas of Holocaust and genocide studies, human rights, representations of violence and trauma, transitional justice, historical consciousness, and collective memory.

On occasion, the group holds special roundtable discussions around timely topics relating to issues of mass violence, and/or methodologies and ethics of research, teaching and advocacy work in this field. These sessions are led by various members of the group.

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Group

  • supports and encourages joint research and provides feedback for graduate students on theoretical, substantive and methodological aspects of their work in progress.
  • provides funds for presenters whose work has been accepted for conference presentations.
  • provides opportunities to engage in fruitful dialogue with internationally renowned scholars through guest lectures.

More information at: http://www.chgs.umn.edu/histories/workshops.html


The primary contacts for this group are Alejandro Baer (Director of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Professor in the Department of Sociology, abaer@umn.edu), Barbara Frey (Director of the Human Rights Program, freyx001@umn.edu), and Miray Philips (Ph.D. graduate student in the Department of Sociology, phili191@umn.edu).


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