Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellows

2018-19 Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship Awards

Spanning the Disciplines

Congratulations to the newest recipients of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship!


Maryia Bakhtsiyarava
Advisors: Steven Manson, Kathryn Grace
Research Center: Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility
Faculty Mentor: Sarah Cusick
“Climate and Child Nutrition: An Interdisciplinary Framework to Uncover the Linkages“

Tracey Blasenheim
Political Science
Advisor: Ronald Krebs
Research Center: The Human Rights Center
Faculty Mentor: Fionnuala Ní Aoláin
“Legal Advisers in Modern Warfare“

Dana DeVlieger
Advisor: Sumanth Gopinath
Research Center: Center for Cognitive Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Robert Schlauch
“Promoting Creativity: How the Use of Music Analysis in Litigation Affects Value Judgments in Copyright Cases“

Theresa Downing
Art History
Advisor: Jane Blocker
Research Center: Goldstein Museum of Design
Faculty Mentor: Lin Nelson-Mayson
“Traces in Textiles: An Ecology of Presence“

Joshua Eichen
Advisor: Arun Saldanha
Research Center: Center for Early Modern History
Faculty Mentor: Katharine Gerbner
“Sugar and Race-Making in the Early Modern Atlantic“

Kate Flick
Natural Resources Science and Management
Advisors: Rebecca Montgomery, Michael Dockry
Research Center: Bell Museum of Natural History
Faculty Mentor: George Weiblen
“Ecocultural Climate Change Calendars: Tracking Nature Through Diverse Knowledges“

Mark Gilbertson
Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Tim Kowalewski
Research Center: Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center
Faculty Mentor: Marcos Molina
“Inverse Design of Soft Robotic Actuators with Applications in Medicine“

Ketaki Jaywant
Advisor: Ajay Skaria
Research Center: Institute for Advanced Study
Faculty Mentor: Richa Nagar
“Caste as a Site of Social Change: Mapping 19th­‐century Anti­‐Caste Politics in Western India“

Maria Mendez
Political Science
Advisor: Raymond Duvall
Research Center: Institute for Advanced Study
Faculty Mentors: Michael Goldman, Richa Nagar
“Governing from Below: MS-13 and the Creation of Political Order in Central America“

Saeide Mirzaei
Advisor: Ellen Messer-Davidow
Research Center: Immigration History Research Center
Faculty Mentor: Ryan Allen
“Speaking Back to Islamophobia in the U.S.“

Gaurav Nayak *
Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Peter Bruggeman
Research Center: University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnsotic Laboratory
Faculty Mentors: Sagar Goyal, Montserrat Torremorell
“A Novel Technology to Prevent the Spread of Airborne Infections“

* Recipient of the Kermit and Ione Ebeltoft Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship

Selim Rauer
Advisor: Bruno Chaouat
Research Center: Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Faculty Mentor: Alejandro Baer
“'Constructing the Enemy' The Belligerent Representation of the Other in Western Modernity“

Yahor Savich
Advisor: Alex Kamenev
Research Center: Biophysical Technology Center
Faculty Mentor: David Thomas
“Application of Non-Equilibrium Field Theory to Understand and Treat Heart Failure“

Agnès Schaffauser
Advisor: Hakim Abderrezzak
Research Center: Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change
Faculty Mentor: Douglas Hartmann
“Missing The Goal: Soccer Dreams and Clandestine Migrants“

Shabnam Sharifzadeh
Advisor: Erin Carlson
Research Center: Program in Infection and Immunity Investigators
Faculty Mentors: Anthony Baughn, Ryan Hunter
“Application of Chemical Probes to Visualize Dynamics of Mycobacterial Cell Wall Biosynthesis: A Comparative Study of Penicillin-Binding Proteins vs. L,D-Transpeptidases“

Dustin Studelska
History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Advisor: Jennifer Alexander
Research Center: Goldstein Museum of Design
Faculty Mentor: Jean McElvain
"'To make machines of men as cannot err': Wedgwood, Sèvres, and the Industrial Fate of Skill"

Alexander Susko
Applied Plant Sciences
Advisor: Kevin Smith
Research Center: Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory
Faculty Mentor: Michele Guala
“Amber Waves of Grain - Determining the Anatomy of Wind Endurance in Oat“

Britt Van Paepeghem
Advisors: Jean Langford, Hoon Song
Research Center: Weisman Art Museum
Faculty Mentor: Thomas Fisher
“The Museum from the Outside: New State Museums and Cultural Heritage in Turkey“

Joseph Whitson
American Studies
Advisors: Kevin Murphy, Jean O'Brien
Research Center: Institute for Advanced Study
Faculty Mentor: Colin Agur
“#Explore: Outdoor Retailers, Social Media, and assaults on Indigenous Sovereignty in the Contemporary United States“

Stephen Wulff
Advisor: Chris Uggen
Research Center: The Center for Urban and Regional Affairs
Faculty Mentor: Edward Goetz
“Community Governance in Post-Ferguson America?: Police Misconduct Insurance, Outsider Activists, and the Limits of Police Reform"

Amod Zambre
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Advisor: Emilie Snell-Rood
Research Center: Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory
Faculty Mentor: Filippo Coletti
“Flirting in Turbulence: Studying Insect Courtships to Understand how Organisms Cope with Environmental Fluctuations“