GRE Search Service

Diversity Data

To assist the University’s graduate and professional programs with diversity recruitment, the Graduate School has just purchased its first set of contacts from the GRE Search Service.  We also hosted a planning workshop to discuss this new project, which you can view to learn more. 

Diversity Criteria: Since the goal of this Graduate School supported project is to increase domestic diversity, we will be filtering data from test takers so that it includes only those with U.S. citizenship, and:

  • Ethnicity as Hispanic or Latino, and/or
  • Race as American Indian, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

This criteria terminology aligns with the same federal categories of race and ethnicity in use by most U.S. institutions. If your program seeks to export data on other criteria, this expense will have to be covered by your program or department. 

Why use the GRE Search Service?

Even if your program does not require the GRE, you may still find this data useful since these are motivated students bound for graduate/professional study. It is our hope that this project will be part of a larger campus effort to do more effective recruitment.

As our admissions staff works with graduate programs at the U, we often hear things like: “prospective students don’t know who we are” or “many students don’t know their bachelor’s degree would be a great fit for our program.”

In addition to other methods of recruiting (fairs, advertising), this might be a viable option to recruit students by giving information to them, rather than waiting for them to come to you. 

What data can I get?

In our first of four purchases scheduled for this summer and fall, we have obtained the contacts of 3,886 GRE test takers who fit the diversity criteria defined (above) for this project. These prospective students have indicated which fields they are interested in pursuing. A list containing the number of students who indicated an interest in each field is available for your consideration.     

Available data includes self-reported GPA, fields of interest, citizenship, geographical preference, and more. The full list of Search Criteria is listed on the ETS website.

When and how do I get this data?    

If you are interested in using these contacts for your recruitment efforts, please contact us and indicate your preference between these two options:

  1. We can simply send you a spreadsheet with the contacts for any fields included in the list. From there, you would work with your own recruitment systems or processes.

  2. If your program uses the ApplyYourself admissions system, our admissions office will work with you to load this data into our shared system, create your own program-specific communications, and track our efforts as we enter the upcoming application cycle. Our systems can measure if these contacts eventually become admitted applicants and our office will support you throughout the process with any technical help, email design needs, reporting, etc.  


After reviewing the list of fields, please contact Dean Tsantir, Director of the Graduate Admissions office to receive your data, or work with our office moving forward. If you have any general questions about this project or about active recruiting of under-represented graduate students, please feel free to call me at 612-625-7840.

We very much appreciate your taking the time to work with us this coming academic year.