Funding Information

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 Funding your graduate studies:

Assistantships, fellowships, and loans


Teaching assistantships, research assistantships, fellowships, and loans provide the most common forms of support for graduate students. You should contact the Director of Graduate Studies in your program or department regarding financial support.

In addition, refer to Graduate Assistant Employment for Twin Cities campus-wide assistantships.

If you are a graduate assistant with an appointment of at least 25 percent (10 hours per week), you will receive a tuition remission (based on resident tuition rates) equal to twice the percentage of your appointment in the term of the appointment only. If you hold an appointment of 50 percent or more for an entire term, you will receive a 100 percent tuition remission. Nonresident students holding an assistantship of at least 25 percent for an entire term will be assessed tuition at the resident rates.

An assistantship of 12.5 percent to 24 percent provides a tuition reduction only, with no waiver of nonresident tuition. The reduction is the amount of resident tuition that is twice the percentage of your assistantship, deducted from your nonresident tuition (for example, a 14 percent-time assistant would deduct 28 percent of resident tuition from the required nonresident tuition). This is a term-specific privilege that does not change your basic nonresident classification.

If you have held an appointment for at least two semesters when your appointment terminates, you are eligible to pay resident tuition rates for the number of terms you held an appointment up to a maximum of four semesters.

Graduate students who hold fellowships or traineeships are eligible for resident tuition rates, provided the award is administered by the University of Minnesota and the stipend is equal to at least a 25 percent-time graduate assistantship.